Direct Payment

Direct Payment is a convenient and increasingly popular method of payment. Direct Payment lets you make purchases whenever you want, without having to carry large amounts of cash with you.

Fast and secure!

The payment is taken directly from your account and deposited to the merchant's account. Since your balance is always up-to-date, you can keep track of your expenses.

Even if you lose the card or it is stolen, your money cannot be accessed without your Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Direct Payment in Canada+



The Interac®1 network

Interac Direct Payment is available at more than 400,000 merchants across the country.

Direct Payment Abroad*



The Maestro ®2 network New!

In addition to the Interac network in Canada and the NYCE®3 network in the United States, you have access to the global Maestro  network at close to 13 million merchants in over 100 countries**. Whenever you’re traveling for business or leisure outside Canada, use your smart Client Card for purchases at participating merchants around the world.



The NYCE ®3 network

You no longer have to carry a lot of cash with you when you travel in the United states: you can make purchases using your Client Card.

With over one million points of sale in the United States, including most food markets and gas stations, the NYCE network offers you instant access to your funds, while making sure your electronic transactions are secure.

This provides a number of benefits including...

  • greater security: you can carry less cash with you and your card cannot be used without your PIN,
  • instant access to the money in your bank accounts.

And most supermarkets allow clients to withdraw cash like at home!

Look for the NYCE logo, as it indicates that you can use your Client Card. For more information, visit .

Note: If the account being debited has overdraft protection, it will apply to all transactions carried out using Direct Payment on these networks.


®1 Interac is a registered trademark of Interac Inc.
®2 Maestro is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Inc.
®3 NYCE is a registered trademark of NYCE Corporation,
* For complete details about transactions in foreign currencies, please refer to the Agreement Governing the Use of Automated Services and Electronic Banking Solutions, available in-branch and at
** Data as of June 30, 2010. Source:
+ The use of certain services may give rise to fees that are charged directly to your account. For details please read our Fee guide - Banking Services for businesses, which is available in-branch.