Cash Management

National Bank's Cash Management Department has a variety of products to help you optimize the cash management process. The deposit verification service for bank notes, cheques and coins will speed up your operations and save you money.

And our cash supply service will save you a lot of worry: we prepare and deliver your bank note and coin orders via your armoured car agreement. This ensures you always have the cash you need on-hand.

Here are some of our services:

Cash Deposit Processing

  • Processing of deposits made via armoured car
  • Processing of night deposits
  • Processing of deposits in Bank of Canada format
  • Processing of coins

Cash Supply

  • Supply of ATM-quality bank notes
  • Supply of fit-quality bank notes
  • Supply of coins


Are you in need of cash or liquidities? Here's a solution!

Are you short on cash or liquidity? The difference may appear to be subtle, but it is important.

Differentiating between a lack of money or a liquidity problem allows you to find solutions suited to your reality.

It's a distinction that many entrepreneurs fail to make. They seek help with their financial institution, thinking they need money, when what they really need are solutions to help them manage their liquidities.

A financial line of freedom

If you're experiencing liquidity problems, treasury management solutions will help you access the liquidities you need, at the right time.

The goal is to have the financial room you need to ensure the growth of your company, to navigate the sales cycles, or to cover unexpected costs.

Move money more quickly

Is it wise to borrow when we are faced with a liquidity problem? Not always.

Take the example of a multi-location restaurant owner with a liquidity problem. His main challenge is to efficiently manage his cash flow, which is a great burden for each of his location.

In this particular case, the solution could be to create distinct accounts for each of his locations, and to simplify the global account management process.

Furthermore, to increase the amount of available liquidities, special arrangements can be made to see that the ATM deposits are recorded in the accounts the same day. The result: liquidities that are immediately available, instead of being held for 48 to 72 hours, the time it takes to process deposits.

A simple solution that doesn't require borrowing

By investing this money in certificates maturing in 30 days; you could therefore have access to these liquidities, with a few days' notice.

Cyclical revenues: Growing your money without locking it in

Are your business activities seasonal or cyclical? If so, you know that managing your cash flow can be quite complex: for a moment, your liquidities are high, then they disappear and you must borrow from your line of credit.

What if you could always have access to the liquidities you need, all the while growing your money? Among the different solutions to consider, you can invest your money in 30-day certificates, with automatic renewal. Then, by spreading the maturity dates, you can always have access to your liquidities, with only a few days' notice. It is a good way to grow your money, without jeopardizing your access to the liquidities you need to run your business.

Your business' financial key

Proper cash flow management is essential for all companies. In addition to the solutions that we have just highlighted, you also have access to tools, such as:

  • Payment systems, which help professionals receive payment directly via the Internet, a solution that once was only available to large companies;
  • Factoring solutions, by which the Bank purchases the company's client accounts, which allows you to gain quicker access to the cash generated from sales.

To see that these liquidity problems do not give you any more headaches or slow down your growth, you must plan efficiently.

With proper planning and customized treasury management solutions, you can always count on having the financial flexibility you need.

And that's the financial key to your business!