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National Bank supports hundreds of Canadian not-for-profit organizations that work predominately in four major sectors—health, education, arts and culture, and community outreach—all of which make positive contributions to communities.

The National Bank NPO Group specializes in developing the not-for-profit market by offering banking services adapted to your needs.

We understand that funding is one of the cornerstones of your organization’s continued success. Our approach is to be a business partner that can meet your development needs, and lay a solid foundation for a long-term relationship with you. By listening to you and negotiating, we can get to know you better so that we can meet our goals of helping the community, pursuing our business strategies, and making investments that will eventually have a quantifiable impact on the economy.

Contact us to learn how your organization can benefit from a broad range of innovative solutions tailored to your needs!

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Charitable organizations


The NPO Group understands the risks and challenges that not-for-profit organizations face. Here is an overview of our offer:

  • Advantageous rates for day-to-day banking transactions
  • Negotiated banking services that are competitive and adapted to meet the needs of charities and foundations
  • Specialized asset management that can be tailored to the stipulations of a foundation's investment policies
  • Possible donations and sponsorships in keeping with National Bank's donations and sponsorships policy. See our website at
  • Specialists in planned donations who will help you plan your long-term funding



Membership-based organization


Membership-based organizations account for a large portion of Canada's economic activity. The mission of every association, professional order, federation and group is to better serve its members. Our partner approach and various customized financial solutions will help strengthen your organization's relationship with its members.

  • Negotiated banking services that are competitive and adapted to meet the needs of membership-based organizations
  • Specialized asset management that can be tailored to the stipulations of an organization's investment policies
  • Tailored financial products that meet the specific needs of your members
    of a foundation's investment policies
  • Partner approach to help you provide better service to your members



The National Bank Advantage


Because we understand the financial needs of different types of organizations and associations, we also understand the nature of your sector, and can offer you made-to-measure service.

With our banking expertise and knowledge of the risks and challenges that organizations face, we can make sure that our financing is suited to you. Our team will help you with your projects, and give you sound advice on the best strategies and financing solutions.1



Financing is subject to credit approval by National Bank.