National Bank email alerts

Simplify the management of your finances, avoid unpleasant surprises

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National Bank email alerts
in a nutshell

To help you keep an eye on your finances and avoid unnecessary fees, you will automatically receive email alerts from National Bank when:

  • Your account balances are below a certain amount
  • The available credit on your credit card or line of credit falls below a certain amount

You can disable these email alerts or change the minimum amount for each at any time. We explain how to do this further down on this page.

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How do National Bank email alerts work?

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Account alerts

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Credit card alerts

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Alerts for your line of credit

You will automatically receive an alert by email if the available credit on your personal or All-In-OneTM line of credit falls below $100 or any other amount you set.   

Demos: how to manage your National Bank email alerts 

Want to deactivate or reactivate National Bank's email alerts? Or change the limit for these alerts? Our step-by-step demos can help you manage these notifications on your own.

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Frequently asked questions on the National Bank email alerts

Here’s how to manage, activate or deactivate email alerts for your:

  1. Bank account
  2. Credit card
  3. Personal line of credit or home equity line of credit.

From your web browser:

  1. Sign in to your online bank.
  2. Click on your name in the top right.
  3. Select the Notifications tab.
  4. Make your desired changes to receive the alerts that matter to you.

From your National Bank app:

  1. Sign in to the National Bank app
  2. Expand the main menu and click on your name (Profile and preferences) and select Settings.
  3. Under Setting, select Notifications and make your desired changes to receive the alerts that matter to you.

You can:

  • Activate the alerts you want to receive.
  • Deactivate the alerts you don’t want to receive.
  • Modify the amounts that trigger a balance or available credit alert.
  • Update which email will receive your alerts. You can choose a different email than the one you use to sign in.

Modify the amounts that trigger alerts from your profile in your online bank or National Bank app, by selecting the Notifications tab.

We’ll send alerts to the email address you use to sign in to your online bank by default.

If you want to use a different email, you can modify it from your profile in your online bank or the National Bank app.

Not receiving your alerts? Call us at 1-888-835-6281 for help.

The alerts we send you are safe to open. We’ll never ask you to respond to the alert with any personal information.

We only send alerts by email. Please note that we may send you a text message alert from 262-989 (NBC-TXT) if you are late paying your credit card.

Want to learn more about how to protect yourself? Consult our ABCs of security.

Little details that matter

TM All-In-One is a trademark of National Bank of Canada.