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Getting ready to retire

The start of a new life


Prepare yourself for a world of possibilities

It's time to make a plan and set your priorities. As you approach retirement, it's important to see an advisor who can help you determine your goals and put your retirement plan into action.

"The future belongs to those who prepare for it today."

– Malcolm X

5 things to do before retirement

Smiling woman and man kayaking

Spend time reflecting on how you want to live

With more free time on your hands, retirement is the perfect opportunity to finally accomplish what you've been dreaming of.

  • What are the greatest sources of satisfaction and pride for you?
  • Are you interested in travelling, volunteering or pursuing a hobby?
  • Are you planning to move to a new home or even a new city?

Use our retirement calculator to make sure you're on track.

Plan my retirement

Further reading

Planning your retirement today

Increase your income for retirement

Couple looking at a laptop

Reduce debt as much as possible

Determine an order of repayment for your debts, making high-interest debt (e.g. store credit cards) your top priority. Try to pay off all your major debt, such as a mortgage, before retirement.

Draw up a balance sheet of your income and debt so you have a clear picture of your financial situation.

Take stock of your finances

Couple looking at a laptop
Couple looking at a laptop
Couple looking at a laptop
Graph showing that there is a 50% chance that one spouse in a retired couple will live to age 90

Finalize your retirement plan

Putting your plan down on paper is a key step. It's a good idea to have an advisor review it to make sure you've chosen the most suitable investment approach. Make an appointment today to get personalized advice so you can make informed decisions.

Man looking at his tablet in front of fireplace

Maximize your contributions

Make the most of the years leading up to retirement to contribute as much as possible to your RRSP and private pension plan, if you have one. Have you maxed out your contribution room? Keep saving with a TFSA or a non-registered account.

Man looking at his tablet in front of fireplace
Man looking at his tablet in front of fireplace
Man looking at his tablet in front of fireplace

Turn “Retiring? Good luck.”

into “Retiring? Lucky you!”

Goodbye, denial

Advisor showing her tablet to a retired couple

Schedule your withdrawals

When you retire, your RRSP will be converted into an RRIF or another type of retirement fund, which you'll draw on for your retirement income. Sit down with an advisor to map out the best strategy and schedule for making these withdrawals.

Retirement Planning for Women

Solutions to power your dreams

NBI Private Wealth Management

Enjoy comprehensive discretionary portfolio management ($250,000 minimum investment).

Discover NBI Private Wealth Management

Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIFs)

Convert your RRSP into an RRIF to extend the total or partial deferral of your taxes.

Learn about the RRIF

Our savings and investment solutions can help you fulfill your retirement dreams.

See all our solutions

More steps to planning your retirement

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Ready to make your retirement dreams come true?

Talk to an advisor to get tailored advice.

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