Canadian immigration guide

Take advantage of our practical guide to help with both your finances and daily life in Canada.

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Solutions for your finances and your future plans in Canada

Whether you're preparing to move to Canada, or are already here, our practical guide will help you settle in. You'll find comprehensive and relevant information on a wide range of topics, including finances, housing, work, studies, and the health care system. It'll help you make all your new projects a reality with peace of mind.

What’s in our guide?

Part 1

Managing your finances in Canada

  • Understanding Canada's financial system
  • Opening and managing a bank account
  • Understanding your credit report and credit score
  • Understanding and managing your credit card
  • Building your personal budget
  • Managing your savings and investments
  • Declaring your income
  • Understanding insurance in Canada
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Part 2

Building your life in Canada

  • Housing in Canada
  • Choosing your means of transportation
  • Discovering health and wellness services
  • Working in Canada
  • Studying in Canada
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Why choose National Bank of Canada

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National Bank of Canada is committed to promoting diversity, including within its workforce, where nearly 140 countries are represented.

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89% of our clients that are newcomers say they have already recommended National Bank of Canada, mainly because of our excellent service.

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MoneySense named National Bank of Canada the best bank for newcomers to Canada.