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Accelerate the receivables process and improve your cash flow.

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Open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Optimize your accounts receivable

Remote cheque deposits with a scanner

In just a few simple steps, you can streamline your Canadian and American dollar deposits with our Digital Deposits service.1

  • Sign up for our Digital Deposits service (conditions and fees apply).  
  • Purchase a compatible scanner.2
  • Log in to Internet Banking Solutions for Businesses.
  • Send your Canadian and American dollar cheques electronically.


Make same-day deposits whenever and wherever you want.3

Saves you time

Spend less time at the bank and more time growing your business.

Streamlines processes

View your deposits, carry out searches and create deposit reports with or without cheque images anytime.

Preauthorized debits in Canadian and U.S. dollars

  • Automatically collect payments (insurance, rental fees, membership fees, utilities, etc.) from your clients' bank accounts.
  • Receive the amounts collected directly in your bank account.
  • Collect payments from any personal or commercial account at any financial institution that is a member of Payments Canada.
  • Obtain simple and practical control reports.


Accelerated transfers

  • Transfer deposits made at National Bank branches and other financial institutions to your company's main account.
  • Quickly consolidate your liquid assets and streamline cash management for your business.
  • Streamline cash management with daily reports showing the source and amount of each deposit.

Electronic payment of accounts

Reduce your operating costs by eliminating tasks related to payment processing, mailing, bank deposits, reconciliation of accounts receivable and the handling and filing of paid invoices.

  • Payments made at National Bank

Offer your clients the option of making their payments via the Internet, by telephone or through our network of branches and ABMs.

  • Payment consolidation service for all financial institutions

Make it easier to receive payments from your clients. We receive and centralize payments from your clients, no matter which financial institution they do business with.

  • Automated lock box

Let us take care of receiving and processing your payments by mail.


Commercial lock box

  • Let us handle payments you receive by mail. We will empty your lock box daily, ensuring your cheques are deposited promptly.
  • Take advantage of an effective, convenient management tool.


Receipt of EDI (electronic data interchange) payments

Receive electronic payments from your clients in EDI format, along with an EDI payment notice. If you do not use EDI technology, we will receive the payments on your behalf and fax you the payment notice.


Computerized deposit processing

  • Centralize deposits from different branches, subsidiaries or divisions into the same account so you can access all deposits carried out for your company at any National Bank of Canada branch in Canada or any National Bank Trust branch in Quebec.
  • Streamline cash management with daily reports setting out the source and amount of each deposit.

Electronic deposit slips

To complete an electronic deposit slip*

*This type of form may not be supported in your browser, please download this file before opening it.


1. Complete the following mandatory fields:

2. Print two copies of the deposit slip, one for your files and one to be enclosed with the deposit contents.

3. Make sure the depositor's signature appears in the appropriate place.

N.B.: The total and subtotal will be calculated automatically.

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Legal Notes

1 Conditions and fees apply.  For more information, consult the Fee Guide – Banking Services for Businesses.

2 You’ll have to purchase a scanner at your own expense from our supplier Paystation or from a supplier of your choice.

3 Deposits will be carried out under the day's date if they are made before 9:00 p.m. (ET) on a business day; otherwise, they will be carried out under the next day's date.

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