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At National Bank, we know agriculture. Whether you have questions about succession or growth or want to purchase land, machinery or quotas, our specialists can offer the support and guidance you need to meet your goals.

Launching or acquiring a farm business

Whether you’re looking to buy an existing farm business or launch a new one, we have the advice and financing1 you need.

Agricultural term loans

Our highly flexible agricultural term loan helps you finance any asset, even quotas. Choose from a variety of terms and repayment conditions to suit your situation.

Farm mortgages

Our convenient and flexible farm loans are the perfect solution for financing agricultural purchases.

Conditional sales contracts (CSCs)

Do you need to buy machinery or equipment? Ask one of our experts about our medium- and long-term financing solutions, or contact participating dealers to learn about our competitive fixed-rate CSCs.

Government-guaranteed loans

By taking your government-guaranteed loan to National Bank, you benefit from the services of experienced agribusiness advisors who will help you make the most of your loan.

Growing your farm business

In addition to the farm mortgage, the term loan, the CSC and our government-guaranteed loan management, we offer the Agri Flex credit and agricultural swaps to optimize your growth and operations.

Agri Flex Financing

The Agri Flex Financing product is a COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION enabling agribusiness clients to finance recurring capital expenditures. The product allows us to adapt credit facilities to the financing needs of clients by using different credit products up to the overall authorized credit limit. Your account manager can explain the admission terms and provide you with all the details about the solution.


Are you an agricultural producer looking to reduce the impact of fluctuating sales prices or energy costs? We offer risk management solutions tailored to your needs.

Transferring your farm

You’ve dedicated your entire life to making your farming business a success. It’s only natural that transferring your farm to one or more of your children is a decision close to your heart.

Transfer Experts

Did you know that National Bank can guide you through the transfer process? Our team of experts will help you plan your retirement, while protecting your interests and those of your children. The tax specialists, notaries, appraisers and agronomists at National Bank will put their agricultural and financial expertise to use to best meet your needs.

Tailored Solutions

Our experts can recommend the best transfer solution for your particular situation. Whether you plan to transfer your farm in the distant future, are in the process of a transfer, or plan to transfer it shortly, you will get the information you need.

National Bank offers services across Canada with over 150 experts, including 65 specialists, most of whom are qualified agronomists.
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Did you know you can leverage your receivables to obtain financing?

Accounts receivable financing can help improve your cash flow. Discover our factoring solutions.

Our supply chain management solutions
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Bowl of pears - Businesses
Bowl of pears - Businesses
Seven books opened back to back to form a circle - Businesses
Seven books opened back to back to form a circle - Businesses
Seven books opened back to back to form a circle - Businesses
Seven books opened back to back to form a circle - Businesses

Take advantage of the various income support and protection programs offered by the federal and provincial governments.

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