Helping your forestry business grow

Thanks to our extensive experience in the forestry sector, we can offer banking products and services tailored to the economic reality and seasonal nature of your industry.

We have special packages for:

  • Woodlot owners
  • Loggers
  • Sawmills
  • Wood product manufacturers

Discover which financial products are right for you

We've designed financial products to help you manage your inventory and deal with the cyclical, seasonal nature of your industry.

  • Operating credit adapted to seasonal inventory fluctuations
  • Operating credit for the purchase of plant equipment1
  • Bid and performance bonds for auctions held by the Bureau de mise en marché des bois du Québec

Advice on growing your business

National Bank uses its strong presence in the field to provide top-notch advisory services to help you manage your business.

  • Knowledge of local issues and external risk factors associated with your sector
  • Validation of your business strategy
  • Assistance with business transfer

Manage the risks of doing business abroad

We leverage the expertise of our International sector to help clients in the forestry industry expand into foreign markets.

Learn more about developments in the forestry industry

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National Bank is deeply committed to the forestry industry in Canada

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Associate member of the Quebec Forest Industry Council since 1978


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The only Canadian financial institution to be a member in good standing of FPInnovations®, a research centre for the Canadian forest industry.


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  1. Financing subject to credit approval by National Bank.

     ® FPInnovations is a registered trademark of FPInnovations.

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