Powering Your Real Estate Projects

Are you looking to buy a rental property with 5 or more units, or acquire a commercial or industrial space? Our team of specialists will help you find the financing solution that meets your needs.

Are you looking to finance a real estate project?

Residential property with 5 or more units

Are you acting on your own behalf or as a member of a corporation? Are you looking to invest in real estate? Our experts can assist you at every stage of the transaction and offer mortgage terms adapted to your needs1.

Commercial rental properties

Are you looking for financing for a commercial, industrial or office space? We have a range of financing solutions that can help you achieve your goals, including1:

  • Interim construction financing
  • Term loan
  • Operating loan
  • Mortgage loan

Residential construction projects (single-family home or condo)

As a builder specializing in single-family dwellings, you need banking products adapted to your construction schedule and deadlines. Whether you choose interim construction financing or long-term financing (a term loan or a mortgage), our experts can help you choose the financing solution to suit your needs1.

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You belong to a co ownership association ? As a co-owner, your cash management and financing solutions should be adapted to your situation. That's why the National Bank has designed an advantageous financial program, especially for co ownership association. Discover our services.

You need to finance residential rental building of four units or less?

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Looking for ways to grow your surpluses?

Learn more about our Business Investment Account or our Guaranteed Investment Certificates.

Our investment solutions
Seedling - Businesses
Seedling - Businesses
Seedling - Businesses
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Limit your risk with loan insurance!

Choose National Bank loan insurance to guarantee the repayment of your loan.

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  1. Financing solutions are subject to credit approval by National Bank of Canada.

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