Group Retirement Plans

We can help you choose a retirement plan that maximizes your tax benefits and helps you attract, motivate and retain employees.

Find the right retirement solution for your business

Enjoy the benefits of a National Bank group retirement savings plan

  • Payroll deductions make it easier to manage plans
  • Serves as a recruitment and retention incentive
  • Provides an easy way for employees to save and can be modified at any time
  • No minimum amount required to invest in the plan
  • Contributions are spread out over the year to take advantage of market fluctuations

Learn about our group retirement plans

Choose a simple, flexible plan that generates tax-sheltered returns and can be changed at any time. It's a great alternative to the VRSP.

Our Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)

Share a portion of your company's profits with select employees.

Our Deferred Profit Sharing Plan (DPSP)

Take advantage of a simple, cost-effective savings plan that is administered by National Bank Trust for your convenience.

Our Simplified Pension Plan (SPP)

Supplement your group plan with a TFSA. Withdrawals are tax-free and can be made at any time.

Our Group Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)

Does your business have more than 5 employees? Learn about the VRSP, a plan created by the government of Quebec to help residents save for retirement.

Our Voluntary Retirement Savings Plan (VRSP)

Discover the group retirement platform

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Help your employees easily plan for retirement with a user-friendly online platform that includes:

  • A dashboard to track portfolio progress
  • An educational section
  • A retirement projection tool 
  • A detailed portfolio analysis

Take advantage of post-retirement withdrawal plans

  • Group Locked-In Retirement Account (LIRA)
  • Group Life Income Fund (LIF) Group
  • Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF)


For questions about your National Bank Trust plan,
call 1-877-413-1194.


Has your employer set up a group pension plan for you? Contact your plan administrator for all the necessary information.

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We open on the National Bank Trust logo.


The title "Group retirement savings plans - National Bank Trust" appears on the screen.


We see the Group Retirement Savings Plan platform sign-in page. The mouse hovers over the User ID field and then the Password field. Both fields fill up with characters before signing in. The mouse then clicks on the Login button.


We arrive on the platform’s home page, specifically on the Monitor tab. The phrase "A more comprehensive experience!" appears on the screen. As we scroll down the page the mouse hovers over different sections. The phrases "See your retirement plan information at a glance", "Use interactive charts to help you plan better" and "Check your asset allocation at any time" appear one after the other.


The mouse then clicks the Learn tab. As the mouse clicks on different kinds of content, the phrases "Discover the mobile app" and "Access any other type of content!" appear on the screen.


The mouse clicks the Manage tab. The screen scrolls down and the phrase "Manage your profile or adjust your investment mix with just a few clicks" appears.


Other sections of the platform containing charts and amounts are quickly presented. Then, the mouse clicks Logout, in the upper right corner. The message "You have successfully signed out" is displayed.


A text screen appears that reads: "Only the best for employees! For more information, contact us 1-877-413-1194."


The video concludes with National Bank's red flag logo.