Banking Packages for Businesses

Simple and economical ways to manage your business banking transactions

Because your business is much more than the sum of your banking transactions, National Bank offers packages, automated services and electronic solutions to make them easier to manage.

Enrol in one of our Packages for Businesses

By phone: 514‐394‐4494 or 1-844-394‐4494
By contacting one of our National Bank Business Central representatives. 

At a branch
By meeting with your Personal and Small Business Finances Advisor

By contacting your commercial account manager

Made-to-measure packages to suit your needs

Carry out your banking transactions more easily and enjoy more flexibility, while saving money.

Packages Monthly Fee Maximum number of withdrawal and deposit transactions Maximum amount of bank notes Maximum number of cheques deposited Maximum amount of coins deposited
20 $14.99 20 $1,000 15 $500
35 $26.99 35 $3,000 20 $500
50 $37.99 50 $5,000 30 $500
75 $54.99 75 $8,000 40 $500
100 $74.99 100 $15,000 60 $500

Only non-interest-bearing commercial accounts in CDN$ are eligible.

Take advantage of a number of other benefits when you sign up for one of the packages

  • A monthly subscription to Internet Banking Solutions- Businesses1,2
  • Business Client Card3
  • An overdraft protection with no transfer fees when the Bank initiates a cash advance from your MasterCard Business Card, Platinum MasterCard Business card or MasterCard Business Line
  • A Direct Deposit software
  • The use of Sage One Accounting Standard4 software, available through the Internet Banking Solutions – Businesses1 website, at no cost for 1 year (96$ value).
  • No charges on your file activation for one of the following payroll solutions:
    • Telephone Payroll
    • Nethris®5 Internet Suite
  • A 50% discount on the activation of your file on your Small Business Package5
  • Access to your account statements and cheque image remittance documents via our Internet Banking Solutions for businesses. 

Account Withdrawal (or Debit)

  • Withdrawal, inter-account transfer or withdrawal for bill payment:
    • Branch services (or by telephone with the assistance of an advisor)
    • Automated services:
      • TelNat Automated Telephone Service
      • Banking machine (CDN$ only)
    • Electronic services:
      • Internet Banking Solutions – Businesses
  • Withdrawal by electronic funds transfer
  • Withdrawal or payment by cheque
  • Business Client purchase (direct payment via Interac® or NYCE®)

Account Deposit (or Credit)

  • Deposit or inter-account transfer:
    • Branch services (or by telephone with the assistance of an advisor)
    • Automated services:
      • TelNat Automated Telephone Service
      • Banking machine (CDN$ only)
    • Electronic services:
    • Internet Banking Solutions – Businesses
  • Deposit by electronic funds transfer

Excess transactions

The per-transaction fees in effect in the Fee Guide – Banking Services for Businesses apply to all withdrawals, deposits and deposit contents in excess of the number and amount allowed in each of the Packages for businesses.

Useful links

Self-Starter and Self-Starter Plus Packages
These packages remain active for existing holders but are no longer offered.
Guide to Banking Solutions for the Self-Employed [pdf]


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2. Businesses with one subscription to view the accounts of several entities are not eligible for the free subscription.
3. Enrolment is subject to certain conditions. Each package includes only one Business Client Card. Additional cards will be billed at the rate in effect in the Fee Guide – Banking Services for Businesses.
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