Agriculture services

At National Bank, we know agriculture and agribusiness. Our team of agricultural account managers understands your needs, and can help you reach your objectives. Whether you have questions about succession or growth, or want to purchase land, machinery or quota, our specialists can guide and help you make the right decisions.

Feel free to contact your local branch, and ask to meet with an agricultural account manager.

AgriInvest Program

Federal, provincial and territorial governments created the AgriInvest account to help you manage small fluctuations in revenue. National Bank offers you the possibility to participate and benefit from this program.


Agri-business financing

  • Agricultural bridge loan
  • Operating loan
  • Agricultural term loan
  • Farm mortgage
  • Conditional sales contract (CSC)
  • Government-guaranteed loan


Commodity risk management

Fluctuations in commodity prices can have a negative impact on the stability or growth of your company. At National Bank, we have professionals who can help you develop a risk management strategy tailored to your needs.