Cash Flow Management

Managing liquidities for a successful business

Imagine that you land the largest account in the history of your company… would you have sufficient liquidities to honour your commitment?

Having access to the liquidities you need at the right time is key to your business’ financial health and long-term success. Insufficient cash flow can disrupt your SME’s operations, stop its growth, or even jeopardize its existence.

Managing your cash flow has never been so simple

At National Bank, we offer cash management solutions whereby all of your operations are securely integrated under a single site. There are several solutions that can help speed up your account receivable process, facilitate the management of your disbursements, and optimize your administrative efficiency:

  • Banking packages that help you minimize fees, all the while facilitating your operations (e.g., Internet Banking Solutions)
  • Business investment accounts - ideal to grow your liquid assets, all the while maintaining access to your liquidities at all times
  • Short, mid and long-term investments
  • Payment solutions to help professionals and SMEs receive payments directly via the Internet - a solution that was once only reserved to large corporations
  • Payroll solutions*

These cash flow solutions, combined with rigorous expense and inventory management, allow you to obtain the flexibility you need, no matter your situation.

As such, you will be able to curtail the inevitable fluctuation of cash inflows and outflows, no matter your industry or sector. For the sound management of your liquidities, our specialists will help you find the solutions that are best suited to your needs and situation.

A single point of contact for integrated solutions

Cash management is part of the essential operations of your business. It is part of a whole. That's why our global cash management directors will evaluate your needs to bring you integrated solutions.

As such, they will assess the risks that could jeopardize the profitability of your business. For instance, if you conduct part or all of your business in a foreign currency, they can propose solutions that will help you manage your currency risk. They could also help you mitigate the payment risks associated to clients or suppliers located abroad, and even help you improve the liquidity related to these transactions.


*CGI Payroll Services Centre Inc. is the sole supplier of payroll processing solutions and services marketed under the brand name Nethris ® of which the National Bank of Canada acts solely as distributor. Nethris ® is a registered trademark of CGI Payroll Services Centre Inc.