FX Daily Update

Foreign exchange analysis gives you information on the main currencies. Opening and closing rates, daily and annual variations, economic data releases to watch, technical levels and daily forecasts are all presented in tabular format.

This analysis also provides comments on financial news relating to currency issues, and strategic advice that will help you make the most of the current market situation.


FX Snapshot

The FX Snapshot is a weekly publication written by the Foreign exchange and derivative products team, in collaboration with the Economy and Strategy team. It portrays a view on the foreign exchange, interest rates and commodities markets.


Weekly Energy

The Weekly Energy provides a commentary on current events pertaining to energy commodities (crude oil, diesel, natural gas, etc.). 

It also presents a table and charts of energy prices.


Weekly Economic Watch

The Weekly Economic Watch offers a commentary on developments in the economic environment, as depicted by economic indicators released during the week, as well as on indicators to be published in the upcoming week. Trends in a wide range of international, national and provincial economic and financial indicators are also presented.


Forex (Monthly)

Each month, the World economic outlook, in particular the North-American context, is reassessed. The Forex also includes forecasts for the major economic and financial variables.