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The Business Model Canvas can help you turn your business ideas into reality.

Whether you are thinking of starting up a business, growing or repositioning your current business, this simple approach will assist you in creating innovative business models and building a cutting-edge business.

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Download the canvas and complete your business model

The Business Model Canvas is an essential tool that will accompany you throughout your strategic planning process. It is based on the nine building blocks of My Business ModelTM.

Download the canvas and complete your business model

Use the canvas to jot down your innovative ideas, lead brainstorming sessions and pitch your results on a single page once you have designed a business model. It will help you show the full value of your strategic planning.

Print a copy of the canvas or download it to your tablet or computer, then watch the tutorials.

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The value proposition defines the advantages that make your product or service stand out from your competitors’ offering.

Value proposition

Determine the type of relationship you want to maintain and the type of customer service you want to provide.

Customer relationships

Build effective and lasting alliances with suppliers, subcontractors, distributors, and any other partners you rely on to deliver your value proposition.

Key partners

Put yourself in your clients’ shoes to determine the needs specific to each customer segment.

Customers segments

Identify your key resources, essential for carrying out your business model.

Key resources

Draw up a list of all potential revenue sources on the business model canvas. Multiply the ways you generate revenues.

Revenue streams

Determine which communication and distribution channels will reach your clients most efficiently.


Exploit your business’ key activities to deliver your value proposition and bring your product or service to market.

Key activities

Develop in-depth knowledge of the costs related to your business project.

Cost structure

Energize your business model

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Learn more about My Business Model

My Business Model is the product of a collaboration between National Bank and the Institute for entrepreneurship National Bank - HEC Montreal.

4 good reasons to start using this approach

Allows you to adopt a shared language among your team

Build a business model with your team members. This will help you arrive at a shared understanding of your business's threats and opportunities and come up with new strategic options.

Effective at all stages of your business

Whether your company is an SME or a multinational, a start-up or a company that has been in business for 20 years, this tool is right for you! The My Business Model approach is relevant for all businesses that want to improve their business model.

Provides a comprehensive vision of your business

The nine building blocks of the business model canvas are designed to cover every field of activity in which your business is involved. Link your activities, design innovative processes, optimize your expenses and generate new revenue streams.

Makes it easy to show and communicate your business model

Effectively present your ideas on a single page to get your business partners' support and boost your credibility.

Ask the right questions

This section sets out all of the key questions in the tutorials and on the back of the Business Model Canvas.

Value proposition

  • What needs/problems do you address?
  • What value do you generate?
  • What are you actually giving your clients?
  • What are the features of your product/service?
  • What are the advantages of your offering?

Customer segments

  • Who do you create value for?
  • Who are your target clients or target client segments?
  • Who are your biggest clients?
  • What needs must they satisfy?
  • What problems must they solve?
  • What is their profile?


  • How do you reach out to your clients?
  • Through what channels do you distribute your products or services?
  • Through what channels do you communicate with your clients?

Customer relationship

  • How would you describe your relationship with your clients?
  • What type of relationship do your clients seek?

Key resources

  • What do you need to have in order to deliver on your value proposition?
  • What resources are essential?

Key activities

  • What activities are key to delivering on your value proposition?

Key partners

  • Who are your most important partners and suppliers?
  • Which partners help you carry out activities that you do not perform in-house?
  • Which partners provide you with the resources you don’t have in-house?

Revenue streams

  • Where do your revenues come from?
  • How do your clients pay? How do they prefer to pay?
  • What are your most profitable products or services?

Cost structure

  • What is the cost of your key activities and key resources? (fixed and variable)
  • What are the costliest aspects of your business model?

Useful links

Consult the links below to enhance your business plan and improve your business projects.

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