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The irregular term GICs are one of those investment option who could take place in a RRSP account to help you to save with a fixe interest rate for the entire term.

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Term: 15 months


Term: 20 months


Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) are used to accumulate retirement capital. Compare our investing solutions and contribute to your RRSP online for your retirement with National Bank’s solutions.

Why should I contribute to an RRSP?

With an registered retirement savings plan, you can defer paying taxes on invested money until you retire.

The income and capital gains generated by your investments grow tax-free until you start making withdrawals.

Since your retirement tax rate is likely to be lower than you're working tax rate, you have more freedom to maintain your lifestyle. 

Who can contribute to an RRSP?

Anyone aged 71 years or younger with earned income 
in Canada:

  • Net employment income
  • Net rental income (real estate or other property)
  • Net business income
  • Taxable support payments, etc.

Which investments are RRSP-eligible?

Nearly any type of investment can be held in an registered retirement savings plan:


The answer may surprise you...
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