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What types of investment can be placed in an RRSP?

Nearly any type of investment can be held in an registered retirement savings plan:

Who can contribute to an RRSP?

Anyone aged 71 years or younger with earned income 
in Canada:

  • Net employment income
  • Net rental income (real estate or other property)
  • Net business income
  • Taxable support payments, etc.



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A registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) is a great way to save for retirement.

Plan your retirement, compare investment solutions and contribute on line with National Bank's digital solutions.

RRSP, TFSA, RESP or non registered account?


A long-term savings vehicle intended for retirement. RRSP contributions can be deducted from your taxable income.


Save to meet your short-term goals


Save to send your kids to college

Non registered

Don't sit on savings. Choose the right investment vehicle for you.