Étienne Bélanger, Financial Planner

Étienne Bélanger

Financial Planner


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Québec Ouest

What can I do for you?

Rely on my expertise in the following areas to help you meet your objectives:


  • Planning for your dream retirement
  • Managing your investments based on your goals
  • Getting your estate in order and drawing up a will
  • Assessing your insurance needs
  • Handling your personal finances
  • Creating a tax strategy
  • Understanding the legal context for financial decisions (marriage, business, etc.)

What will we discuss during the meeting?

For every stage of your life, you need tailored financial solutions to help you reach your goals. Here are the steps I take to find solutions that meet your needs:


  • Take the time to understand your situation and goals
  • Plan and developing your strategy
  • Take action and suggest new solutions as your needs evolve
  • Follow up with regular meetings



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Consult the MyIdea tool before we meet to see how much you need to save for your goals.


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Legal disclaimer

Financial planning services are offered by National Bank Investments Inc. (NBI), a wholly owned subsidiary of National Bank of Canada. NBI is registered as a financial planning firm in Quebec.