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I have an ECHO Cashback card. How do I redeem my cashback?

Here's how to redeem the cashback earned on your ECHO Cashback card from National Bank: 


From your web browser:

  1. Sign in to your online bank.
  2. Select your ECHO Cashback credit card.
  3. Select the Cashback tab.
  4. Click Redeem if you have accumulated at least $10 in cashback.


From the National Bank app:

  1. Sign in to the National Bank app.
  2. Select your ECHO Cashback credit card.
  3. Click Redeem in the blue banner at the top of the screen.


Good to know:

  • You must have accumulated a minimum of $10 in cashback to redeem the amount.
  • If you have not yet earned this amount, you will need to wait until you have it before redeeming your cashback.

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