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Getting started with your credit card

activation carte de crédit
activation carte de crédit
activation carte de crédit

Activate your credit card

You can activate your National Bank Mastercard credit card from your online bank or directly in the National Bank app:

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Sign in to your online bank

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Select your credit card account and click Activate my card in the dedicated banner

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Enter the requested information, then click Activate my card

You can also activate your credit card by phone: 1‑800‑268‑0808

Our award-winning credit card!


Best credit card

For travel insurance*


Best credit card

Premium Mastercard*


Best credit card

Flexible rewards Mastercard*

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Email alerts

We're sending you email alerts to help you keep an eye on your personal finances. You can manage your alert preferences at any time.

Convenient features that go wherever you go

Card with a lock

Lock, unlock or replace a credit card*

In case of loss, fraud or theft of your credit card, you can temporarily lock your card or replace it in your online bank.

Credit card notifications

Receive notifications

Get peace of mind by enabling credit card email notifications in your online bank. You can be notified before your card balance is due and when a transaction exceeds the limit per transaction that you set.

Credit limit raised

Apply for a credit limit increase

Sign in to your online bank to request a credit limit increase. Once the request has been submitted, it will take 5 business days to process your request. You will be notified by email.

Travel by plane

Notify us of your travel plans

Planning a trip? Add a travel notification in your online bank or from the National Bank app to prevent your cards from being locked when you're abroad.


Repayment with rewards points

You can use your rewards points to make a payment on your credit card balance. If you’ve accumulated at least 6,250 points, you can use this feature in your online bank or National Bank app.

Your online bank

Pay your bills, make a transfer, pay your credit card balance and more.

National Bank app

Download the app for free today!

Little details that matter

Mastercard® World Elite® 

*National Bank's Mastercard® World Elite® credit card has won the Milesopedia 2022 awards for Best credit card in Canada for Travel Insurance, Best Mastercard® credit card with Flexible Rewards and Best Premium Mastercard® credit card. The rankings are based on an analysis of the overall features, cardholders’ opinions, and experiences with the nearly 200 credit cards available to Canadians.


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*Feature to lock or replace a card


  • You can temporarily lock your card as many times as you need and unlock it whenever you want. These actions are immediate when you request them in your online bank.
  • No time limit comes with the action of locking a card.
  • When the card is locked, no transactions can be made on the card. No pre-authorized debits can be processed. You can, however, pay the balance on the card.


  • The action of replacing your credit card is irreversible and cancels automatically the actual card. You can only replace your credit card 3 times in a 12-month period.
  • No transactions or pre-authorized payments will be accepted on a replaced credit card.
  • Once your replacement request has been made, you will receive a new credit card with a new number in the mail. You must provide this new number to merchants with whom you have pre-authorized payments to avoid fees.
  • You must activate your new credit card before using it.


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