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Budget and pay your municipal and school tax from your online bank

Manage your taxes

Pay your tax accounts in just a few clicks1

When you receive your municipal or school tax accounts, add them to your online bank to plan your payments.

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100% online

Budget and pay your municipal and school tax from the comfort of your home through your online bank.

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Keep your budget in check

Plan your payment schedule in a few clicks, according to the dates scheduled for your various installments.

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Manage your payments

In just a few minutes, you won't have to worry about your municipal and school tax payments until next year.

Here’s how

To manage the payment of your taxes independently, from your online bank:

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With your municipal or school tax account in hand, sign in to your online bank.

Manage your taxes

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In the left-hand menu, click Products and services, then Mortgages.

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Click Manage my taxes and follow the instructions.

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Important: This feature isn’t offered on the National Bank app.

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There are no fees when using the Manage my taxes feature. However, bank fees may apply when making a payment, so make sure you have a banking package with enough transactions per month.

It’s simple and secure with your online bank

Your online bank

If you haven’t signed up for your online bank, here’s how to do it.

Little details that matter

Purchasing a property comes with its share of responsibilities. You must pay property taxes every year. The amount and frequency vary according to several criteria (property value, geographic location, etc.).


There are 2 types of property taxes:

Municipal tax: amount to be paid to your municipality, based on the value of your property and its land. Except in exceptional cases, you receive your tax account before March 1st of each year.

School tax*: amount to be paid to your school service centre, formerly known as the school board, which serves the area where your property is located. The amount is usually collected twice a year (if it's $300 or more).

*Please note that the payment of school taxes is for Quebec residents only.

Here's how to edit or delete an upcoming payment:

First sign in to your online bank, then click Bills in the left menu.

Then, under the section Upcoming payments, click the blue pencil icon on the line of your tax account that you want to modify, and follow the steps.

These are the 20 positions of the reference number located at the top of your invoice.

If your supplier offers a different reference number for each payment, in the Reference number field, enter only the reference number of the first payment you make.

You can make your payments:

  • In-person at the municipality or the school service centre
  • By mail to the address of the municipality or the school service centre
  • At an ABM if allowed by your provider (find the ABM nearest you using our locator)
  • By contacting us at 1-888-835-6281, option 3 if allowed by your supplier
  • With the help of a branch advisor if allowed by your provider (find the branch nearest you using our locator)

If National Bank is still managing your tax payments, self-service payment of your taxes will be available gradually, depending on the tax payment dates imposed by the municipalities and school service centres. We will notify you when you can start managing your taxes independently on your other properties.

Yes, to open an account, click here or apply through your online bank.

  1. This is a feature of your online bank that allows you to manage the payment of your municipal and school tax accounts independently by providing you with tools. It is not a tax management service offered by National Bank through a property tax deposit account.

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