Collins Mazraani, Investment and Financing Business Specialist IFBS

Collins Mazraani

Investment and Financing Business Specialist IFBS

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514 395-4179

514 395-4179

800 rue Saint-Jacques

Montreal, QC , H3C1A3

Languages spoken

French, English

Area served

Montreal: Montreal

IFBS | National Bank

What can I do for you

As an Investment and Financing Business Specialist (IFBS), I can help you carry out your projects by providing flexible and personalized support based on your needs in your workplace.


As an exclusive advisor dedicated to your company’s employees and supported by a network of National Bank experts, I can guide you in achieving your financial goals.

Questions we can cover

I can help you answer the many questions that may arise in your financial situation, such as those concerning:


  • Command of your finances

  • Setting a sound investment strategy based on your goals

  • Assistance in planning your retirement

  • Advice to maximize your pension if you leave your job



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