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Finding a retirement advisor

The key to planning your retirement

Timely and strategic advice

What does retirement look like to you? Do you want to travel, spend time with friends and family or work on a pet project? Good planning can help you make the most of your retirement and ensure a smooth transition.

Investment and Retirement Development Managers (IRDM) can provide you with personalized advice at key moments in your life. They can advise you on the best way to draw income from your retirement savings and meet your goals.

Why meet with an IRDM?

  • They'll help you allocate your assets so you get the retirement you want
  • They'll make personalized recommendations at key moments in your life
  • Their services are complementary to those of an advisor, who provides regular follow-up

Find your advisor

Alain Lachance Sonia Cote Romain Gagné Jean-Sebastien Carelli Veronique Girard Francis Gilker Gina Tremblay Jean-Olivier Doucet Billo Diallo Maria Lommano Jacqueline Loiselle Angele Lacasse Alexandra Corbeil Manon Morin Nadine Delarosbil Patricia Plateau Yanick Picotte Vicky Sato Serge Cournoyer Sylvain Gravel Rejean Boisjoly Pierre Prieur Alexandra Cano Daniel St-Pierre Robert Dunn Marc Morin Noemie Coallier-Griffiin Steve Proulx Antoine Bomba Hélène Barrette Maxime Boissard Nathalie Thiphrakesone Marc Hackenjos Isabelle Brossard Jocelyne Chartrand Lise Rheaume Ginette Frappier Marc-André Alarie Denis Doucet Jean-François Therrien Marcel Quirion Manon Lagace Pascal Ratté Caroline Gagné Sylvie Marceau Geneviève Leblanc David Talbot Bouchard Suzanne Lapointe Edith Garreau Brigitte Cote Karyne Latour Richard Lacerte David Juneau Marc Lariviere Manon Vaillant Maxime Girard Caroline Talbot Michel Gagne Guylaine Lebel Charles-Henri Daoust Assia Dehmous Guylaine Marcotte Denis Fournier Yannick Tousignant Lise Audet Eric Boileau Antoinette Colasurdo Vanessa Giordano Jean-François Blais Manon Grenon Johanne Rene Julien Lemieux Claudine Rivest Marie Josée Palombo Sylvie Berthiaume Pierre Leblanc Guillaume Angers-Renaud Stephane Legault Yvan Gravel Dave Chabot François Simard Hubert Peterkin Nathalie Morin André Perron Gisèle Bineau Julien Marceau Sylvain Trottier Marcel Michaud Kelly-Ann Robillard Marie Josée Gauthier Shelby-Etienne Odige Elisabeth Towner Olivier Lamarre Ibrahima Magassouba Jean Guindon Frederic Bourgeois Benjamin Grondines Stephanie Puel Mohamed Amine Ghellab Mathieu Blondin Michel Mondor Line Pouliot Line Bussieres Johanne Brouillard Jalil Amor

Preparing for your meeting

Step 1 icon

Learn more about retirement

It's never too early or too late to start thinking about retirement. Whether you're just starting out in your career or nearing retirement, we've got useful tools and advice to help you plan your golden years.

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Work out how much you'll need for retirement

Proper planning is key when it comes to ensuring you can retire when you want and maintain your standard of living post retirement. Use the MyIdea tool to find out if your current savings strategy will get you there.

Solutions for your retirement

Savings plans

Invest tax-free with a registered savings plan (RRSP, TFSA, etc.).

Managed solutions and investment funds

Learn more about our investment solutions tailored to your investor profile and retirement goals.