Cash Advantage Solution

Save today, invest tomorrow

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At a glance

With the Cash Advantage Solution, your money works for you and is available at any time. This investment lets you take your time, check out different financial opportunities and invest when you’re ready.

Benefits depending on the chosen registered plan: 

  • Grow your cash flow now and decide how to invest later
  • Contribute now and decide how to invest later
  • Save, tax-free
  • Reduce your taxable income
  • Pick a transferable option that can be switched to a National Bank solution at any time


Icone fonds

Available funds

Complete or partial purchase at any time

Icone investissement

Minimum investment


Icone intérêts

Investment duration 

No fixed term, transferable at any time

Invest in a Cash Advantage Solution

The Cash Advantage Solution is designed for registered and non-registered accounts.

Plans and accounts
Minimum investment Rate Interest type
Contribute now
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If you’re looking to save for a short-term project, we also recommend a High Interest Savings Account.

Little details that matter

Additional information 

The maximum investment depends on your holdings and the type of account in which you invest the Cash Advantage Solution.

Your investment is redeemable in whole or in part. This may have different tax implications depending on the type of accounts in which you invest. Ask your advisor for more information. 

For contributions, it’s possible to: 

  • Schedule a single transaction,
  • Or set up automatic withdrawals with a start and end date (optional) every week, every two weeks or every month. 

National Bank is a member of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC). 

Legal disclaimers

Interest is calculated at the end of each day on the total daily balance. Interest is compounded and paid monthly on the last business day of the month. The annual interest rate is variable, which means that it can go up or down and can be subject to change. See current rates. The minimum investment required is $1 CAD The Cash Advantage Solution is only available with National Bank registered and locked-in plans. National Bank is a member of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC).

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