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Do you manage funds for an institution?

Benefit from a comprehensive range of asset administration and management services offered by National Bank Trust's institution services department.

Learn more about estate settlement

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What does it involve?

Acting as an executor/liquidator means you're responsible for settling the estate of the deceased person according to their wishes, while meeting applicable legal requirements. It's a multi-step process governed by a number of regulations.

Take our test to assess the degree of complexity and the responsibilities involved in settling an estate.

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What does the role of executor involve?

The responsibilities of the executor/liquidator may vary, but they include tasks such as taking an inventory of property, closing accounts, distributing assets to heirs and filing income tax returns.

The role comes with a lot of responsibility.

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What if I need help?

Don't hesitate to talk to your advisor. If appropriate, they will refer you to National Bank Trust, where a team of experts1 can assist you in your role as executor/liquidator.

You can even delegate certain tasks to National Bank Trust if they prove too complex.

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Solutions to protect you

What is a trust?

Trusts can be used to set aside assets while you are living or after your death.

They are administered according to your wishes, on behalf of the beneficiary you choose. The person administering the trust is the "trustee."

To help you or your loved ones navigate the process, National Bank Trust can be named executor/liquidator, mandatary, trustee, guardian or curator.1

Helpful if:

  • You want to designate several beneficiaries
  • Your financial situation or family situation is complex
  • Your children are minors or have a physical or mental disability
  • You want to ensure that the assets you pass on to your loved ones will be well managed and last over the long term


We can help you prepare a living will (called a “mandate in case of incapacity” in Quebec) to determine who will make decisions on your behalf in the event you become unable to make them yourself.

Planned giving

Keep supporting the causes you care about. We can set up gifts to non-profits from your estate or even set up a foundation in your name.

Talk to your advisor who can refer you to the experts at National Bank Trust if appropriate.

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Is your financial situation pretty straightforward?

Estate planning is still a must. Learn how to leave a legacy.

3 advantages of dealing with National Bank Trust

Turnkey service

Whether you're a National Bank client or not, our team can take care of a wide range of legal, tax and administrative formalities. We ensure your wishes are respected and legal requirements are met at every step.


A team of experts to meet your needs

A multi-disciplinary team that includes notaries, lawyers, accountants and tax specialists is at your disposal.


Tax-efficient wealth transfer

We'll find the best solutions for your situation and maximize the tax benefits for you or your heirs.

Little details that matter

Full brochure

Looking for more information on our trust services? Check out our brochure, The Importance of Assistance, available for Quebec residents and residents of other provinces. The brochure for other provinces includes leaflets for:


British Columbia




New Brunswick

Legal disclaimer

1. Estate planning services are offered through National Bank subsidiaries. Estate planning experts provide their services on behalf of National Bank Trust, a wholly owned subsidiary of National Bank of Canada.

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