Limit Management


Limit Management


Travel with peace of mind

Manage your transaction limits.
Reduce the risk of fraud on your Client Card.



Your Client Card has a new feature that allows you to personalize your limits, benefit from additional protection and reduce the risk of having your card blocked in Canada or while abroad.

Limits can be set to a number between $0 and the National Bank maximum. Limits cannot be set to a number that is higher than that maximum.

ABM withdrawal Merchant purchases

1- In Canada

3- In Canada

2- Abroad

4- Abroad

Personalize one or several limits according to your needs.
Don't forget to deactivate or activate your limits before leaving and once you arrive at home.

Get in the habit of managing your limits on a regular basis.
Personalizing your limits has never been easier!

Four ways to access your limits:

  • With our Internet Banking Solutions available 24/7.
    For more information, check out our demo.
  • By phone: contact a TelNat Customer service representative at 514-394-5555 or toll-free
    at 1-888-4TELNAT
  • By going to a branch
  • With Mobile Banking Solutions

Don't wait any longer and discover how this new feature ensures peace of mind. Personalize your limits in a flash!


Or by following these easy steps:

  • Open a session on Mobile Banking Solutions
  • From the Menu tab in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, click Profile/Preferences
  • Select Client Card options
  • Select Manage Limits


Security tips

Lost or stolen card?


Here are a few examples:

You're taking a trip outside Canada.

You can...Set your Canadian ABM withdrawal and purchase limits to be lower while you're away.


You do not travel outside Canada

You can...Lower your international ABM withdrawal and purchase limits. They can even be set to $0.


You have no intention of withdrawing large sums at ABMs.

You can...Lower your domestic and international ABM withdrawal limits.


You do not expect to use your Client Card for a while.

You can...Set all limits to zero. Reset all at the same time, and as-needed.


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National Bank adheres to strict security standards. Please follow our security tips and advices.