Mobile payments

Introducing Apple Pay and Google Pay at National Bank

Shopping is easier when you pay with your phone

Simplify your life by using Google Pay® or Apple Pay®. Pay with your National Bank debit or credit card without ever taking out your wallet.

Simply add your debit or credit cards to the app and you're ready to go. A smart, secure way to pay for everyday purchases.

3 reasons to pay with your phone

  • Convenient: Pay on the go and monitor your spending with purchase notifications.
  • Efficient: Check out even faster online and at participating merchants
  • Secure: Your transactions are covered by our Peace of Mind Guarantee1

3 steps to get started

Get the app

If you have an Android phone, download Google Pay. The Wallet app is pre-installed on all compatible Apple devices. To set up Apple Pay, add your credit card information and make sure you have the most recent version of the National Bank app.

Add your cards

Open Google Pay or Wallet and follow the steps to add a new card. For more information on how to add cards, see the FAQ.

Pay in a flash

Look for the contactless payment logo at the cash. Pay for purchases under $250 by unlocking your screen and holding your phone near the terminal.

Pouce en l'air

Quick tip!

Enter the 19 digits of your debit card to add it to the app.

How to use mobile payment with my debit card

Add your debit card to your mobile payment app

  • Open your mobile payment app.
  • Manually select and add your card.
  • Enter the name of the cardholder and the 19-digit card number.
  • Enter the verification code received by email to confirm the addition of your card.
  • You’re now set up to make purchases with your phone!

To pay:

  • Unlock your phone.
  • Open the app and select your card.
  • Place your phone near the payment terminal and wait for confirmation.

Ready to try mobile payments? Start by downloading the National Bank app.

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Online security starts with us

How National Bank helps you protect your finances

National Bank has developed services to protect your mobile payments, restore your identity in the event of fraud and provide secure access to your online bank.

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It starts with you

All you need to do now is adopt the right habits to protect yourself against online fraud and make secure mobile payments.

Adopt good habits

Little details that matter

You can add the following National Bank debit cards and credit cards to Apple Pay or Google Pay:

Debit cards

  • Regular National Bank card
  • Private Banking 1859

Credit cards

  • ECHO Cashback®
  • World Elite®
  • World Mastercard®
  • Allure®
  • macreditTM
  • Platinum®
  • Banking Solutions®
  • Syncro®
  • MC1®
  • OVATION Gold®
  • Escapade
  • PB 1859 World Elite®
  • Édition®

Don't see your card on the list? Learn more about our credit cards.

Apple Watch

  • Open the Watch app on your iPhone
  • Tap Wallet & Apple Pay and select Add a Credit or Debit Card
  • Follow the instructions to add your National Bank debit or credit card


  • Go to Settings
  • Tap Wallet & Apple Pay and select Add a Credit or Debit Card
  • Follow the instructions to add the card

MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

  • Open the Wallet app
  • Tap the + at the top of the screen
  • Follow the instructions

Apple Pay isn't only for iPhone. You can pay with your other Apple devices as well.

Paying in stores and making in-app purchases

  • iPhone: iPhone 6 or later
  • Apple Watch: Apple Watch (first generation), Apple Watch Series 1 and 2, with an iPhone 5 or later

Making in-app purchases

  • iPad: iPad Pro, iPad (fifth generation), iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3
  • MacBook Pro: Models with Touch Bar


Apple Pay

  • Apple Pay uses a device-specific number and a unique transaction code
  • Your credit and debit card numbers are not saved in Apple Pay or on a server
  • Your information is never shared with the merchant during a payment
  • Apple Pay does not save any information that could be used to identify you

Google Pay

  • Google Pay has a security guarantee
  • Instead of your actual credit or debit card number, it uses a virtual account number
  • This information isn't stored in your phone, so it can't be accessed through the app

Security features

  • Apple Pay and Google Pay can only be used for purchases of $250 or less
  • For transactions over $250, you must use your actual credit or debit card
  • Apple Pay requires you to set up the screen lock on your device
  • Your phone never leaves your hand during transactions

Peace of Mind Guarantee

All transactions made using your debit or credit card and Google Pay are covered by our Peace of Mind Guarantee1 for Mobile Banking Solutions.

® Apple Pay, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and MacBook Pro are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Apple Inc. is not a sponsor of or participant in National Bank Mobile Banking Solutions.

TM Android, Google Play, Google Pay, and the Android logo are trademarks of Google LLC. The use of these trademarks is subject to Google Inc.’s authorization policy.

® ECHO, Allure, Ovation, MC1 and Escapade are registered trademarks of National Bank of Canada.

® World Elite, World Mastercard and Mastercard are registered trademarks of Mastercard International Inc. used under licence by National Bank of Canada.

1. The Peace of Mind Guarantee for National Bank online and the National Bank app applies to clients who, upon checking, discover that they have been a victim of fraud and agree to cooperate in the investigation into this fraud. This guarantee applies only to unauthorized transactions carried out through the online bank and the National Bank app and covers only the amounts lost as a direct result of those transactions. The Peace of Mind Guarantee for the online bank and the National Bank app applies to those clients who have been the victims of fraud even though they had protected their access numbers, passwords and equipment, and who cooperate with the fraud-related investigation.

Please consult the Terms of use for your digital wallet before use.

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