Unique expertise


Why is sound financial planning important?

As you move from one stage of life to the next, you will need different financial solutions to face various situations. Financial planning helps you carry out your projects and protects you and your family from an uncertain future.

Working with your Financial Planner to manage your wealth

Our Financial Planners can use their expertise to help you develop a financial approach tailored to your profile and objectives.

First, you will have to:

  • Define your financial needs and priorities
  • Assess your objectives so you can make informed decisions concerning your financial situation over the short, medium and long term

Over 300 Financial Planners are available to offer you unique professional expertise, solutions and advice:

  • On the seven financial planning areas, allowing you to achieve your objectives more quickly and easily than if you did it on your own.
  • With the support of National Bank, your Financial Planner can meet all your financial needs through a limited mandate, especially for banking services, credit products, insurance, annuities and the management of your investments.

Why should you do business with a Financial Planner?

Mandate: To advise you

Your Financial Planner is your designated advisor. Your Financial Planner will advise you on all matters relating to your wealth, in order to:

  • Increase returns
  • Protect your assets
  • Convert your assets into regular income
  • Transfer them to future generations

No matter what you need, your Financial Planner will:

  • Establish a flexible, personalized approach, based on listening, giving advice and consideration
  • Help you through each step of your financial plan

A flexible relationship

Our Financial Planners offer you personalized service tailored to your wants and needs. They will listen to, assist, inform and advise you about the various areas of financial planning. The more you tell them about your financial needs, requirements and goals, the more effective their strategy will be.

They can take charge of a given mandate or portion of a mandate, or just be available to provide advice when required. This flexibility ensures that Financial Planners can fulfill any mandate you assign to them.

Place your trust in the unique expertise of a Financial Planner

Unique, recognized training

Financial Planners must have a diploma from the Institut québécois de planification financière (IQPF) and a certificate from the Autorité des marchés financiers. The professional nature of their activities requires that Financial Planners receive ongoing individual training on all aspects of personal financial planning.

Their training and experience gives Financial Planners a better understanding of their clients’ needs and knowledge of a wider range of solutions tailored to those needs.


Financial planning services are offered by National Bank Investments Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of National Bank of Canada. National Bank Investments Inc. is registered as a financial planning firm in Quebec.