Direct payment

A payment solution for your on-the-go lifestyle

Contactless payments with your debit card

Pay with just a tap using Interac® Debit contactless payments on our debit cards.

Simply hold your card in front of the reader and you’re good to go! The total amount of the purchase is debited directly from your account. 

5 reasons to use it

  • You can make purchases of $100 or less without entering your PIN
  • You won’t need to carry large amounts of cash in your wallet
  • Your account balance is updated immediately
  • You’ll benefit from anti-fraud protection and preventive security measures
  • You can use your card in more than 100 countries using the Interac®, NYCE® and Maestro® networks

How does it work?

When it’s time to pay

Look for the contactless payments symbol on the merchant’s payment terminal.

Tap your card

Hold your card up to the reader and wait for the beep.

Get a confirmation message

After the beep, you’ll get a message confirming your transaction.

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Little details that matter

The transaction total is debited directly from your chequing account. If you don’t have a chequing account, the transaction will be automatically debited from your savings account.

If you want to change the default account for contactless payments, simply call the number on the back of your card or visit a branch.

If you wish, you can still make payments by inserting your card into the terminal and entering your personal identification number (PIN).

If you have both a chequing account and a savings account, you must insert your debit card into the terminal if you want to pay with your savings account.

Debit card payments using your PIN

The daily limit for debit card transactions is $2,000. Contactless payments are included in the daily limit.

Interac Debit contactless payments

The limit for contactless payments is $100 per purchase.   

Withdrawals using your card

You can withdraw up to the maximum limit set for you by the Bank. For more information, call 1-888-835-6281 or contact your National Bank branch.

Customize the limits for your card

You can change your own limits for ABM withdrawals, contactless payments and chip-and-PIN payments, or even deactivate them completely by setting the limit at $0.

To change your limit for contactless payments, call 1-888-835-6281 or visit a branch.

You can change your limits for ABM withdrawals and chip-and-PIN transactions in four ways:

® Interac is a registered trademark of Interac Inc., used under licence.

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