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What is legal assistance?

The legal assistance provided by FBA Solutions is a telephone service that connects you with a lawyer. You can use the service as many times as you like to discuss legal questions of a private or professional nature.*

The goal? To help you be better informed and handle your private and professional projects with more confidence, as well as to offer guidance.

*Excludes any questions about any commercial or criminal activity.

Benefit from personalized legal information on:

  • Child custody rights
  • A conflict with a neighbour
  • Estate settlement
  • A dispute with a customer or an employer
  • Much more

Legal information covering many areas

Family in the process of moving

Your personal life

  • Family law (separation, divorce, mediation, custody, etc.)
  • Property (sales, purchase, hidden defects) and relationships with neighbours
  • Estate settlement
  • Consumer goods and contracts
  • Personal injury
  • Problems related to Highway Safety Code violations
  • Labour law, immigration
  • Much more!
Two professionals at a construction site

Your professional life

  • Professional order
  • Trustees
  • Customers
  • Conflicts of interest
Young woman with her smartphone

How the legal system works

Have a question about the legal system? Get advice and support to help you understand it, whether at the municipal, provincial or federal level.

Advantages of the FBA Solutions service

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Answers regarding your particular situation

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Access to lawyers

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Unlimited calling and service in English/French

Pictogram confidentiality

Confidential and secure phone consultation

How can you benefit from these services?

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Call legal assistance 

Talk on the phone with a lawyer from FBA Solutions, as often as necessary.

Hours of operation: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (ET), Monday to Friday

Who can benefit from legal assistance?

Le service d'assistance juridique est inclus dans les offres suivantes :


What are FBA Solutions hours of operation?

From Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., excluding holidays.

Is there a limit to the number of calls?

No. You can call the legal team as often as necessary. The length of your calls is also unlimited.

How can I ensure my calls are kept confidential?

FBA Solutions lawyers have an ethical duty of confidentiality. They also take every measure to ensure the confidentiality of your discussions.

Can I get assistance with commercial activities?

No, it is not possible to ask a lawyer for legal assistance concerning commercial activities.

What is the difference between professional life and professional activity?

Professional life concerns ethical issues, or the relationship with a professional order. “Commercial activities” concerns all your business activities not related to the relationship with your Order. Some examples:

  • Acceptable case: a dispute with the Order of Dentists regarding illegal signage at a dentist’s office
  • Unacceptable case: conflict over a commercial lease for an optometrist’s office

If I need to go to court, can I retain the services of the lawyer who assisted me?

No. If you need to go before the courts, you must retain the services of another lawyer to represent you.

Can I ask any question I want?

The legal assistance lawyers can answer all of your legal questions within the areas of law covered by FBA SOLUTIONS. If a lawyer is unable to answer you immediately, they will conduct the necessary research and contact you as soon as possible.

Little details that matter

Legal Notes

NBC Assistance Inc. allows you to benefit from legal assistance services by phone, which are provided entirely by Fecteau Bélanger and Associates Consulting Group Inc., also doing business under FBA, FBA Consulting Group and FBA Solutions (“FBA”). NBC Assistance Inc. and National Bank will not have access to any of your confidential information collected by this company while it is providing such services. You understand that by using FBA’s services, you release NBC Assistance Inc. and National Bank from any liability related to the services provided by FBA, including any matter relating to information security and confidential information that could be shared by you with this company or with its employees during the provision of services.

To enjoy these services free of charge, you must be a National Bank privilege offer holder. You are, however, responsible for any fees that may be billed to you by your telecommunications provider. If you are not a privilege offer holder, the services provided by FBA will end.

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