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Are you a student? Choose National Bank and enjoy a number of benefits depending on your field of study1

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A banking offer built for students 

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A personalized bank account with no fixed monthly fees1

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A National Bank Mastercard® credit card2

Offer only available to those of legal age 

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A line of credit for unexpected expenses3

Offer only available to those of legal age

A banking offer adapted to your field of study 

Are you studying at CEGEP, a university, or taking a specialized professional training course? Enjoy our offer and combine up to 3 of our most popular banking products. 

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CEGEP (pre-university or technical program), university or professional training

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A bank account with no fees

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The Connected® chequing account

If you’re between 14 and 24 years old, open a chequing account to deposit your pay and make your daily transactions, all with no fixed monthly fee.

Offer for professionals

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Do you have your diploma, or will you receive it soon?

Check out our various offers for professionals. We’re by your side as you start your care

Offer for newcomers

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Open a bank account in Canada

Are you coming to Canada for your studies? Enjoy a bank account with no fixed monthly fees for up to 3 years.4

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Are you planning on studying in Canada?

Our GICs for international students can potentially speed up your Student Direct Stream program application with the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Why you should choose National Bank

Choosing National Bank for your education means choosing a bank that will be by your side to help you with your financial needs so that you can achieve your goals. 

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Personalized tools and advice

Get tips and solutions tailored to your educational needs. 

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A simple digital experience

Your finances are at the tip of your finger with the National Bank app. 

A dedicated team at your disposal

Our experts are here to help you achieve your financial goals. 

How to finance your education

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Did you know that by signing up for our offer for students, you can transfer your student line of credit to National Bank for up to 6 months after you graduate while enjoying your benefits?5

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To get this offer, make an appointment with one of our experts either in person, over the phone, or by video call.

Little details that matter

Visit the branch once a year to update your file. Show two pieces of ID, proof of full-time student status and your most recent transcript.

  1. Bank account The Connected ® with chequing privileges. Some services such as statements by mail are not included. Included services and fees for non-related services are listed in our Fee Guide – Personal Banking Solutions available in branch or at
  2. Subject to credit approval by National Bank of Canada. Certain conditions apply.
  3. Subject to credit approval by National Bank. Certain conditions apply. An endorser (guarantor) meeting National Bank's criteria may be required. Annual amount is allocated based on personal budgetary needs. 
  4. Year 1: No fixed monthly fee. Years 2 and 3: No fixed monthly fee if you sign up for all the required products and services, complete all required transactions each month and keep the product in our offer for newcomers. Some fees for transactions not included in the offer for newcomers may apply. For more information, see our offer for newcomers page.
  5. Subject to credit approval by National Bank. Transfer is possible during and after graduation. To maintain student benefits, the transfer of the line of credit to National Bank must be made no later than 6 months after graduation. You must provide proof of attendance from your Canadian post-secondary institution (the last available proof if transferring at graduation) and your most recent transcript showing completion. The usual terms and conditions of the student line of credit also apply to the transfer, with the necessary adaptations. 

® THE CONNECTED and NATIONAL BANK are registered trademarks of National Bank of Canada. 

® MASTERCARD is a registered trademark of Mastercard International Inc. Authorized user: National Bank of Canada. 

- You asked: “How do I save for my studies?” 


I’ll explain faster than I can make a 3-cheese pizza. 

- Oh... we only have one. 

- Fine, a 1-cheese pizza. 

Getting a good education is a big deal, but it also comes with big expenses. 

Tuition fees 


Cellphone and laptop 


Are you going to live at home or on campus? 

And what are you going to eat? 

Because I don’t suggest an all-ramen diet. 

- Hey! I’m making a pizza over here. 

- Right. 

A lot of people ask themselves how they’re going to pay for all that. 

Ask your parents if they’ve put any money aside in a college fund. 

If not, they might lend you a hand anyway. 

Cause you’re a good kid! 

Another option: 

The government offers financial aid to students. 

Also known as loans and bursaries. 

The loans come at a very low interest rate, that you repay after your studies. 

Bursaries don’t need to be repaid at all. 

A student line of credit can be flexible. 

- Like mozzarella! 

- Right. You start with a pre-determined line of credit, at a rate substantially lower than a credit card, that’s recalculated every year. 

You determine how much you borrow and the rate at which you’ll pay it back. 

But remember, you’re responsible for your monthly interest payments and you’ll have to start repaying the credit line 12 months after you graduate. 


Finally, my 3-cheese pizza. 

- You got delivery? 

- You don’t have an oven. 

- Oh, yeah.