Salary direct deposit

Receive your income directly into your chequing account: salaries, pensions, etc.

What are the benefits of salary direct deposit?

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No need to transfer money from one account to another, or go to a branch to deposit your paycheque.

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You automatically receive your salary in your bank account on the same day of the deposit.

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Your salary is transferred securely through a banking institution to avoid the risk of loss or theft.

How do I set up salary direct deposit?

Activating salary direct deposit is easy. All you need to do is give a specimen cheque to your employer or the organization that pays your income.* Here’s how to download a specimen cheque:

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From your online bank

  1. Sign in
  2. Select your account
  3. Select the Options tab
  4. Click Download a specimen
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With the National Bank app

  1. Sign in to the National Bank app
  2. Select your account and click More
  3. Click Download a specimen cheque

*Your employer or the organization that pays your income may ask you to complete and sign a form and attach your specimen cheque.

Sign up for direct deposit for government payments

You can receive your benefits, credits, and other government payments automatically into your account of choice.

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