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The USD Progress Account

Maximize your American dollars

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Current maximum interest rate1




minimum balance required to generate interest

Perfect if you are looking to:

  • travel to the United States
  • benefit from a favorable exchange rate with withdrawals
  • make cheques in USD

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The USD Progress Account includes:


Online, mobile and telephone banking transactions

  • Account inquiries: balances, transaction history, etc.
  • eStatements

Branch transactions3

At National Bank branches

  • Withdrawals, transfers, withdrawals for bill payment:
    • No fee
  • Bill payments: USD 2/bill

Other services and features

Cheques and pre-authorized debits

  • Cheques:
    • USD 1.25/cheque
  • Preauthorized debits: 
    • USD 1.25/transaction

Complementary banking services

  • Personalized cheques: According to provider's rates
  • Paper statements by mail : USD 2.50/month/account
  • Online statement free of charge
  • Access to cheque images
  • Bank drafts in foreign currency4:
    • USD 5,000 or less: USD 9.00/draft
    • Over USD 5,000: USD 12.50/draft
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Little details that matter

With the USD Progress Account, transactions cannot be carried out at ABMs, through your online bank or with a debit card at points of service. However, you can track your transactions through National Bank online. Fees for this account are charged in USD. For more information on fees for National Bank's products and services, consult the Fee Guide.

The passbook option has not been available to new clients since May 4, 2015. If you are an existing client who uses a passbook with your account, a $2.50 monthly fee is charged.

TM Progress Account is registered trademark of National Bank of Canada.

® The Interac and Interac e-Transfer are registered trademarks of Interac Corp. Used under licence.

  1. Interest is calculated at the end of each day on the account balance, at the applicable annual interest rate. They are paid into the account monthly. The applicable annual interest rate is:
    • Progressive: the higher the account balance, the more the rate increases according to different tiers. Several rates may therefore apply to the account balance.
    • Subject to change without notice.
      See current rates in effect according to the different tiers (0% on the first tier between $0 and $4,999.99).
  2. Transactions carried out using our Automated Services or National Bank online.
  3. Banking services usually provided at National Bank branches during normal business hours, including deposits, withdrawals, transfers, bill payments, foreign exchange transactions, purchase of travellers cheques or drafts and use of safety deposit boxes.
  4. For USD bank drafts, applicable fees are in USD.

Deposits in a USD Progress account are covered by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC). Find out more about the coverage offered by CDIC.

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