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Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, make your trip easier by ordering your foreign currency before you leave—no need to visit a branch! Now you can order the eight most commonly requested currencies, including euros and U.S. dollars, through your online bank and choose the delivery option that’s best for you.

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4 good reasons to order online

  • Place your order whenever and wherever you want
  • Avoid ABM withdrawal fees abroad
  • Start your vacation as soon as you arrive without having to worry about getting local currency
  • Have your currency delivered to your home, to your branch or another location you choose, wherever suits you best

How does it work?

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Sign in

Sign in to your online bank.

Click on Products and services in the left menu, then click Travel.

Under Order currency, click Start.

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Choose a currency to convert

Select the amount1 and currency you want:

  • USD: U.S. dollar
  • EUR: euro
  • GBP: pound sterling
  • MXN: Mexican peso
  • CHF: Swiss franc
  • JPY: Japanese yen
  • CNY: Chinese yuan
  • AUD: Australian dollar

If the currency you’re looking for is not on this list, you can place an order at a branch.

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Choose your delivery method

You can have your currency delivered to a branch free of charge or to your home for around $102. In both cases, allow up to 10 days for delivery.

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Little details that matter

To order currency online, you must be signed up for your online bank, be a resident of Canada and have a personal bank account in Canadian dollars at National Bank.

Daily and weekly limits for purchasing paper currency are set at $2,000 and $5,000,3 respectively.

  Delivery to a branch Home delivery
Delivery fees


Around $10 (debited from your account)

Delivery location

To your branch

Your home or another location you choose

Tracking your order

You’ll get an email to tell you when your order will be available at the branch.

You’ll get an email with a tracking number for your order.

Delivery times

Up to 10 days (3 working days on average)

Up to 10 days (3 working days on average). If you’re not available to receive your order, you’ll get a notice with details of the postal outlet where you can collect your order.

  1. Funds are not immediately withdrawn from your account. Please allow approximately 48 business hours from the time the order is placed. Foreign currency conversion fees will be included in the amount debited from your account. Refer to our Fee Guide - Personal Banking Solutions for more information.
  2. Postal service fees, around $10, may fluctuate with fuel prices.
  3. The total amount requested must be rounded off to the nearest 10 units for all currencies, except for Japanese yen and Mexican pesos. For Japanese yen, the lowest denomination available is JPY 1,000, so the amount requested must be in multiples of 1,000. For Mexican pesos, the lowest denomination available is MXN 50, so the amount requested must be in multiples of 50.

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