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What happens if I can’t pay my loan?

The repayment of your personal loan depends on your income and your health. So what happens to your payments if you're no longer able to work, or if you become seriously ill?

You're still responsible for paying your loan, even if you're unable to repay your personal loan due to disability or serious illness.

In case of death, your co-borrower or your relatives will take over responsibility for the payments.


Opting for loan insurance is a great way to ensure peace of mind.


Loan insurance protects you and your loved ones in the event of disability, critical illness or death.¹


  • In the event of disability, you could receive up to 48 months of insured payments for the full term of the loan.
  • In the event of critical illness or death, the insured balance of your loan is paid.



If you are experiencing financial difficulties, contact your mortgage expert immediately.


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