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5 year variable rate7


Prime rate – ${p2.tauxBase|percent:"true"}***

(${p2.tac5ans|percent:"true"}** APR2)

4 year fixed rate1



(${p1.tac4ans|percent:"true"}* APR2)

5 year fixed rate1



(${p1.tac5ans|percent:"true"}** APR2)

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Rate (%) as at ${p1.tauxDateJour|date:"-"}


Fixed-rate loan

Your interest rate is set as soon as you take out your mortgage. This rate is not affected by fluctuations for the duration of your term. This type of rate is only available with a mortgage loans.

Rate (%) as at ${p1.tauxDateJour|date:"-"}

Term Open Closed

3 months



6 months



1 year



2 years



3 years



4 years


${p1.taux4ansF|percent:"true"}   see the promo

5 years


${p1.taux5ansF|percent:"true"}   see the promo

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Term Open Closed

6 years



7 years



10 years



1 month3



Variable-rate loan

Variable-rate mortgage loan have an interest rate of Prime + ${p2.ecart|percent:"true"}4 and are adjusted monthly. They allow you to take advantage of lower interest rates.

Rate (%) as at ${p2.tauxDateJour|date:"-"}

  Reference rate Difference Rate in effect*
Prime = ${p1.tauxBase}
Variable-rate mortgage (60 month term)

Prime rate



Capped-rate mortgage (60 month term)

Prime rate

Capped rate5 = ${p3.tauxPlafond|percent:"true"}



Home equity line of credit

The All-In-OneTM home equity line of credit allows you to use the principal you repay to finance new projects, like renovations or travel. The rate is variable.

Rate (%) as at ${p2.tauxDateJour|date:"-"}

  Prime rate
Difference Rate in effect* Interest earned

Rate for the home equity line of credit




${p5.interetCredT2|percent:"true"} 6

Fixed rate of 7$ per month, per account

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Legal disclaimers

*Refers to standard rate.

** Based on a $300,000 fixed-rate mortgage

  • With a 5-year closed term
  • With 25-year amortization
  • With a $5/month administration fee
  • With a $330.00 appraisal fee. The appraisal fee may be adjusted or may not be charged as part of the assessment of your mortgage application. 

*** The variation is subject to change without notice. 

TM ALL-IN-ONE is a registered trademark of National Bank of Canada.

1. Rates may differ if the amortization period is more than 25 years. Contact an advisor for more information. 

2. APR as of ${p2.tauxDateJour|date:"-"}. APR means "Annual Percentage Rate" and represents the total interest and fees charged by the Bank, expressed as an annual percentage.  

3. This term is not available for new loans. It is provided for reference purposes only. 

4. Subject to change without notice  

5. A capped rate is an interest rate that fluctuates but never exceeds the interest rate cap. The cap is the maximum interest rate you pay on your loan. This rate is offered with a five-year term. 

6. Interest income (interest paid on bank accounts grouped under the line of credit). 

  • ${p5.interetCredT1|percent:"true"} for lines of credit of $1 to $4,999.99
  • ${p5.interetCredT2|percent:"true"} for lines of credit of $5,000 or more

7. The special offer on the variable rate is the base rate - spread (%), and is updated monthly. The offer cannot be combined or stacked with any other offer, promotion or benefit applicable to National Bank mortgages and is not retroactive. 

"Base Rate" means the annual interest rate that the Bank publicly announces from time to time as the reference rate used to establish the interest rate on Canadian dollar loans made by the Bank in Canada. 

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