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How do you want to spend your retirement?

We'll help you plan the next stage of life

Wondering if you have the means to make your dream retirement come true? You may not have put much thought into your retirement while you were raising your children and paying off your mortgage. You're not alone.

But it's never too late to start planning. Here's how an advisor can help.

Start by talking with an expert

First, meet with an advisor. Talk to one of our Investment and Retirement Development Managers or Financial Planners1—they'll provide step-by-step guidance throughout the process of planning your retirement, based on your goals and stage of life.

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How does an advisor help?

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1- They help you draw up a retirement plan

You planned your career. Now you need to plan your retirement. Do you want to work part time, volunteer, live abroad, look after your grandkids—or just take the time to smell the roses?

It's important to clearly identify your goals so you can figure out how much you'll need to save. Your advisor can then work with you to develop an investment strategy based on the retirement lifestyle you're aiming for and your current savings and contributions.

2- They help you plan your finances

Your advisor will start by drawing up an overview of your financial situation and income sources, as well as those of your spouse. They'll help you plan when to convert your RRSP into an RRIF and how often to make withdrawals. Advisors can tell you how best to use your pension income and when to tap into government pensions to get the most out of your retirement income.

If you own a home, your advisor can help you decide whether to sell it to buy a condo, or leverage your home equity to finance other projects with a home equity line of credit. Although it might seem complicated, don't worry: your advisor is there to help.

Man and woman riding bicycles by the sea
Man and woman riding bicycles by the sea
Man and woman riding bicycles by the sea
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Approaching retirement? It's time to max out your RRSP and use up any remaining contribution room!

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3- They'll tweak your strategy

Your advisor will review your portfolio so it's in line with your plan, your goals and your investor profile. This is also when you should adjust your investment strategy and decide which investments to include in your TFSA, your RRSP and your non-registered accounts.

Your advisor can suggest strategies so you pay lower income tax on your retirement income and complementary solutions like insurance to make sure you embark on your new life with peace of mind.

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1. Financial planning services are offered through subsidiaries of National Bank. Financial Planners provide their services on behalf of National Bank Investments Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of National Bank of Canada.

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