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Get financial aid so you can focus on your studies. It's a step in the right direction. Scholarships and other student financing solutions can help you pay for your education and cover your other expenses. Meet with an advisor today!

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Technology scholarships and internships at National Bank

Each year, dozens of students are awarded scholarships and internships at National Bank. If you are enrolled in a university or college, an internship is a great opportunity to gain work experience in a real business environment. Our paid internships last three to four months.

Internships are offered in many different fields, including financial solutionsbusiness intelligencemobile technologytransactional websites and cybersecurity. You can see internship offers through the web portals of our partner universities.

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Scholarships for women in the financial markets sector

Are you a talented woman looking to pursue a career in financial markets? Are you planning to continue your studies at the graduate level?

Up to three successful candidates1 will each receive a $10,000 scholarship and be paired with a mentor from National Bank's Financial Markets sector. This scholarship may lead to an employment opportunity at National Bank. Job offers for students and graduates are posted on our website in February or March.

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Two young professional women chatting together
Two young professional women chatting together
Two young professional women chatting together
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Scholarships and grants for students

A wide range of scholarships are offered by governments, universities, colleges, businesses and other organizations. Scholarships are awarded to students who have exceptional grades or match a certain profile (excellence in sports, community involvement, etc.) to encourage them to pursue their education. Consult your school's website to find out what scholarships you may be eligible for.

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More ways to finance your education

If you're not eligible for a scholarship or need additional financing, don't panic—we've got a range of financing solutions tailored to students' needs, including the Student Line of Credit.

Financing your education

Young man studying with a smile
Young man studying with a smile
Young man studying with a smile
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