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Why do I get a verification code every time I sign in to my online bank?

As an extra security measure, we’ll send you a verification code by text, email or automated phone call when you sign in to your online bank. You should never share this code with anyone else.


Good to know: 

If you don’t select the Remember me box on the sign in page, you’ll receive a verification code every time you sign in.


You may also receive a code if:

  • You sign in to your account from an unrecognized device 
  • There’s a change in the geolocation of your recognized device 
  • Your browser or operating system has been updated  
  • You’ve changed your browser or operating system 


Stay vigilant
Have you received a text message or email from National Bank asking you to click on a link?
Do not click on the link and do not provide any requested information.  


We never use email or text messages to request confidential information such as your password, PIN or verification code.   


Have you received a message like this? Here’s what to do next

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