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How do I install and signup for the National Bank mobile app?


Find the National Bank app in the App Store or Google Play Store and tap GET (Apple) or Install (Android) to download it.

Sign up

To sign up, open the app, tap Personal, then tap I haven’t created my profile. Tap Sign up to create your profile.

Select one of your National Bank products—debit card, credit card, loan, mortgage or investment account—and follow the instructions.

Having trouble? You can also create a profile by signing in to the old version of your online bank.

Have you already signed up for the new online bank?

If you signed up for the new online bank and using the new email sign-up method, enter your email and password.

If you’re still using the old sign-in method, tap Sign in and enter your debit or credit card number and password. Please note that the new email sign-in method is being rolled out online bank, but you’re still using the old version of the app, tap Sign in and enter your debit card number and password. If you’re using the new app, enter your sign-in email and password. 

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