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All‑In‑One Loan Insurance

Give yourself peace of mind by being well insured while you realize one of the biggest projects of your life

Protect your investment, reassure your loved ones

Being a homeowner is an important investment, often the most important one in a lifetime, but it is also simply a project you care about. You will take the time to arrange your home, take care of it, maintain it. We know that investment is not just money, it is time and effort. You do it for yourself, you do it for your loved ones.

Three protections to deal with unexpected events1


If you are unable to work due to a sports injury, an illness, a work-related accident or a car accident. 

Whatever the cause, disability insurance will relieve you from a burden during your recovery.

Disability insurance will cover the insured payments for your mortgage loan or National Bank All-In-OneTM line of credit.

Critical Illness

In case of diagnosis of cancer, stroke or heart attack.

To be able to follow through with your plans, focus on your health and spend time with your loved ones.

Critical illness insurance will repay the insured amount of your mortgage loan or All-In-One.


Ensure the peace of mind of the people who are dear to you in the event of your death.

Relieve your loved ones of a potential financial burden.

Life insurance will repay the insured balance of your loan. Your loved ones will also benefit from the Quality of Life Concierge Service and Assistance in the Event of Death. A helping hand can make all the difference during difficult times.

The terms and exclusions of the loan insurance product are available through the distribution guide. We also responded to our customers questions in our Frequently Asked Questions.

To insure your mortgage solution

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Assistance to help you live life to the fullest

In the event of a disability or critical illness, or following a death, the assistance services offered by your loan insurance are there to help make life easier for you and your loved ones.

  • The Quality of Life Concierge Service can help you find after-school activities for your children or locate a restaurant for a last-minute meal.
  • The Health Care Concierge Service will help you navigate the healthcare system and guide you through the process of finding a specialist or a specialized residence.
  • Obtain a second opinion to confirm a diagnosis and answer your questions.
  • Benefit from home assistance to help with household tasks and accompany you on errands.

The services offered are based on the coverage chosen. For details of services, consult the brochure.


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1 Subject to the terms and conditions set out in your insurance policy, in particular regarding the coverage period and maximum coverage. Details are available in the Frequently Asked Questions and Distribution Guide.

TM The National Bank All-In-One is a registered trademark of National Bank of Canada.

Applicable taxe on premiums : Quebec : 9%, Ontario and Manitoba : 8%, Saskatchewan : 6%