Canadian Sustainable Companies Flex GIC

Leverage the potential of sustainable Canadian companies

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What is the Canadian Sustainable Companies Flex GIC?

Canadian Market-Linked GICs allow you to benefit from the growth potential of sustainable Canadian companies, with 100% principal protection at maturity. The Reference Index is comprised of 60 Canadian companies in a variety of industries. The reference portfolio is comprised of 20 securities selected using a selection methodology based on exclusion criteria as well as the selection of leaders in risk management.

Perfect if you are looking to:

  • Benefit from the growth potential of Canadian markets
  • Fully protect your initial investment
  • Profit from a reference portfolio comprised of 20 sustainable Canadian companies
  • Make an investment that is eligible for CDIC coverage3

Diversification sectorielle

color graph
Dark red square


Red square

Communication Services

Orange square

Consumer Discretionary

Navy blue square


Dark blue square

Consumer Staples

Blue square


Green square


Dark green square

Real Estate

Soft blue square

Information Technology

* Bloomberg March 2023

Interest: Compound

Minimum investment: $500

Sales period: September 12, 2019 to October 30, 2019

Terms and maturity dates: 3-year GIC: November 4, 2022
5-year GIC:  November 6, 2024

Issue date: November 6, 20191

Participation factors: 3-year GIC: 65.00%,
5-year GIC: 105.00%, No maximum on variable interest2

Investment horizon: 3 or 5 years

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Little details that matter

The Canadian Sustainable Companies Flex GIC can be held in a registered or non-registered account.

This product is eligible for deposit insurance through the CDIC. 3

To invest online, you must have a National Bank of Canada account. Don't have an account? Contact a National Bank branch.

Market-Linked GICs issued from January 18, 2017 to November 15, 2019 are subject to a notice of modification of their terms regarding the absence of instruction regarding the payment of amounts payable after the due date.

  1. The Canadian Sustainable Companies Flex GIC, Investors Category (the "Canadian Market GIC") is not a conventional fixed-income instrument, is not suitable for all investor type and carries some risk. Potential investors should consult the relevant fact sheet before investing. The Bank has issued previous series which may have different terms and conditions. Please refer to the rates bulletin for previous series. Terms and expressions not defined have the meaning given in the relevant fact sheet.
  2. The variable interest for the Canadian Sustainable Companies Flex GIC is based on the performance of the S&P/TSX 60 Index (the "Reference Index"), which comprises the Reference Portfolio. The Reference Portfolio Return is the reference index return multiplied by a participation factor specified in the relevant fact sheet. The Reference Asset Return used for the purpose of calculating the Reference Portfolio Return will be based on the average of the three closing levels of the Reference Index determined over the last three months of the Canadian Sustainable Companies Flex GIC. A change in the Reference Index has a direct impact on the variable interest paid at maturity. If the return on the Reference Portfolio for the term payable is less than zero, no Variable Interest will be paid.
  3. An investment in a Canadian Sustainable Companies Flex GIC is eligible for Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) insurance, up to the maximum coverage amount. See the terms and conditions set out in the CDIC brochure "Protecting Your Deposits," which you can access online at or by calling 1-800-461-2342.

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