Redeemable USD GIC

Invest in USD and cash out whenever you want

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What is a Redeemable USD GIC?

Cash in your investment at any time, while protecting your principal and interest.

Perfect if you are looking to:

  • Take advantage of a great annual fixed rate
  • Access your funds when you want

Rate: Fixed

Minimum investment: $5,000

Access to funds: Yes

Investment horizon: 1 month to 5 years

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GIC options

Select the term and interest type of your non-redeemable GIC in USD. If you’re already a client, you can choose the plan in which to invest your GIC (TFSA, RRSP or non-registered account) in a second step. 

Interest type
Term Minimum investment Rate Interest type Get this GIC
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Choose this GIC

Our advisors can help you choose the GIC that's right for you.

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Little details that matter

  • Minimum investment of 500$.
  • Only offered in non-registered accounts.
  • Minimum withdrawal of 500$
  • Offered under NBC, NATCAN, and TRUST subsidiaries
    • For online purchases of GIC, only the NBC option is available as subsidiary.
  • Simple interest or compound interest 

  • For online purchase of GIC, only annual payment of interest is available.

Redeemable Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) and Redeemable US dollars Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) [PDF]

Another great option


Invest in USD at an attractive rate


Minimum investment






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