Take advantage of our welcome offer, thanks to National Bank of Canada’s partnership with the CELPIP and CAEL tests

Getting ready to settle down in Canada? We’re there to support you from the moment you arrive in Canada. That’s why you’ll receive $280 cashback to help pay for your CELPIP or CAEL test.*

Offer details

No fixed monthly fees

for up to 3 years

24/73 exclusive

phone support service

Credit card


No credit check4

Membership available for

5 years

Temporary or permanent resident

Perfect if you want to:

  • Open a bank account online from your home country 
  • Make your first transfer before arriving in Canada 
  • Access your funds from the moment you arrive 
  • Save on banking fees 
  • Build a solid credit history 
  • Take advantage of an accompaniment for your arrival in Canada 
  • Get access to financing to buy a property or a car in Canada 

How do I take advantage of this offer for newcomers? 

You can open an account from your home country up to 90 days before you arrive. This offer is valid for the next 5 years after your arrival to Canada. You need to be at least 18 years old and the only user of the account. Claim the offer in 4 easy steps.

Picto of a cellphone with the National Bank logo and the number 1 circled 

Open your account

Open your account from your home country by filling out the online form from this page.

Picto of a letter coming out of an envelope with the number 2 circled 

Receive your confirmation email

Within a few days of your request, you’ll receive an account confirmation email with all the necessary details.  

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Meet an expert in person 

Confirm the opening of your account with an advisor at any of our branches in Canada. You'll be able to pick up your debit card and then access our range of products and services: National Bank of Canada ® Mastercard credit card, loans, High-Interest Savings Account and more.

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Get $280

After visiting one of our branches and making a transaction, you’ll receive $280 in your new National Bank of Canada account!

Ready to take advantage of this offer? Start by opening an account.

Open your account online

More than a bank account, our welcome offer is tailored to your needs!

When you take advantage of the National Bank of Canada's welcome offer, you get much more than a bank account! Because we understand your reality as a newcomer to Canada, we offer you a host of services designed to meet your needs.

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Connect with us on Messenger

If you have a Facebook® account, sign in and send us a message for quick assistance.

Chat directly

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Send us an email

Write to us with the details of your request. We will answer you as soon as possible.

Send an email

Little details that matter

Baseline savings of $334.92 over three years

Save a minimum of $334.92 over three years if you meet the following conditions :

  • Visit a branch to open a bank account
  • Sign up for our offer for newcomers

Savings of $334.92 based on:

  • First year: no flat monthly fee (savings of $15.95/month for 12 months)
  • Second year: flat monthly fee of $7.98 instead of $15.95 (savings of $7.97/month for 12 months)
  • Third year: flat monthly fee of $11.96 instead of $15.95 (savings of $3.99/month for 12 months)

The full flat monthly fee of $15.95 will be applied to your banking package from the fourth year. To be eligible for savings, you must commit to keeping the account and package for a minimum of 36 months. You will receive no further discounts if the products are cancelled.

Maximum savings of $700.02 over three years

Save up to $700.02 over three years if you meet the following conditions:

  1. Visit a branch to open a bank account
  2. Sign up for our offer for newcomers
  3. During the first year after signing up the offer for newcomers to Canada:
    • Apply for and activate an eligible National Bank Mastercard personal credit card
    • Sign up for eStatements
  4. During the second and third year after signing up the offer for newcomers to Canada:
    • Set up salary deposits to your National Bank account and have your pay deposited at least once a month or
    • Make at least two electronic bill payments from your National Bank account every month.

Savings of $700.02 over three years based on:

  • No flat monthly fee for our banking package for newcomers for three years ($15.95/month for 36 months)
  • First order of cheques free ($56.83/order)
  • Small safety deposit box rent-free for the first year ($68.99/year)

The full flat monthly fee of $15.95 will be applied to your banking package from the fourth year.

Note on savings

To enjoy the full savings, you must keep the products and services and carry out all required transactions for a minimum of 36 months, unless otherwise indicated. If you fail to meet the conditions of the offer, your savings will be lower. Your savings will be lower if you do not order cheques or rent a safety deposit box.

If during a given month, you keep your bank account and banking package, but do not keep all of the other products and services indicated or do not carry out all of the required transactions (e.g. only one electronic bill payment per month instead of two), you will be charged National Bank's service fee for that month. The service fee will be $7.98 monthly the second year and $11.96 the third. You will still enjoy monthly savings of $7.97 during the second year and $3.99 during the third.

Finally, if you no longer hold a bank account or banking package for newcomers, you will no longer be eligible for savings.

The promotional offer is valid from May 1st, 2022 to October 31, 2023.

$280 cashback offer in partnership with CELPIP and CAEL test. The new clients must open their chequing account online for newcomers via nbc.ca/celpip-cael-offer.

Clients must meet the eligibility criteria of the newcomers offer and must:

  •  Open a chequing account online by signing up for the newcomers Offer in order to receive $280 cashback

Finally, the clients must meet theses following conditions:

  • Sign up for our Online Banking service and our eStatement service.
  • Set up and carry out at least one (1) bill payment (utility, cable, internet, telephony, public transportation, etc.) of at least $50 in your BNC Online Banking or via your BNC mobile app. Payment should be taken from your new bank account
  • Send an international transfer using National Bank’s “International transfer” solution available through “my online bank”.

You benefit from 120 days following the checking account opening to meet the offer conditions in order to obtain the cashback.
Offer promo code: 021

Eligibility criteria:
Clients who have opened a chequing account for newcomers through the website nbc.ca/celpip-cael-offer and have met the eligibility criteria of the Newcomers offer:

  • Be a newcomer 18 years of age or older
  • Apply to open a chequing account from another country 3 months before arriving or within 5 years of arriving in Canada
  • Be the only user of the account


  • Existing National Bank clients are not eligible
  • National Bank of Canada employees and its subsidiaries and entities
  • In branch account opening


The offer is intended for the NewComers Offer eligible persons, who respect all the conditions, and are not clients of the National Bank of Canada.

To qualify to the cashback offer you must :

 You benefit from 120 days following the chequing account opening to meet the offer conditions to obtain the cashback.

The cashback will be deposited in your National Bank of Canada chequing account within 150 days of the opening date of the chequing account opened.

The offer may be modified, extended, or withdrawn without prior notice at any time.

The offer may not be combined or used with any other National Bank of Canada offer, promotion or benefit applicable to National Bank of Canada chequing account and cannot be applied retroactively. There is a limit of one cashback per checking account opened during this promotion. The client cannot benefit from the offer more than once. The offer can only be applied once for each type of product. Only the unique account holder is eligible for the offer.
To be granted the cashback, you must respect the offer conditions, maintain the eligible products and services, and not make any changes related to these products and services for a minimum of 12 months after signing up for them. If you do not meet this condition, you will have to repay to the National Bank of Canada an amount corresponding to the period in which you did not maintain your eligible products and services, within 30 days of receiving a request for payment.
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