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Features of your online banking services

Check out changes and new features related to your online bank and the National Bank app.

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Top features

Buy, sell or switch National Bank Investment fund

Once you’re signed in to your online bank:

  • Click Overview in the left menu
  • Select the investment account for which you want to buy, sell or switch a fund
  • Follow the steps
  • You may be asked to confirm certain personal information and details about your investor profile

Get started

Screenshot of a fictional client centre
Screenshot of a fictional client centre
Screenshot of a fictional client centre
Get a specimen

Get a specimen cheque

Sign in to your online bank:

  • Click Overview in the left menu
  • Select the account for which you want to obtain a specimen cheque
  • Select the Options tab
  • Click Download a cheque specimen (under the image of the cheque)  

Get a specimen

Is it your first time signing in to your online bank?

Create my account

Your online bank


Easier sign in

You no longer need your debit card! Connect directly using your email address.

More legible preview

Directly view account balances with recent activity.

Your accounts at a glance

Verify the status of your accounts and cards, including those held at other financial institutions.

Credit card balance sheet 

Check out the balance and credit card information for products you own.

Mastercard application

Apply for your Mastercard credit card online. Get a response in less than five minutes.

Categorize your transactions

Get a clear picture of your expenses, now categorized.

Repayment with reward points

Repay your credit card balance with rewards points in your client centre.

Paying bills

Pay your bills online, avoiding delays, rain checks and forgetfulness.

Mortgage loans

Make a mortgage payment in seconds.

Mastercard transactions

View a complete list of recent transactions, including those pending approval.

Simplified supplier search

Quickly find the suppliers to whom your bills must be paid.

Management of limit (debit card)

Personalize your withdrawal limit and set different limits within Canada or internationally.

Interac transfer

You can now insert special characters (accents, points, etc.) in the secret questions and answers of your Interac transfers.


Sign in to various government sites from your client centre, including to complete your tax returns.

Loan – Payment of a personal loan

Manage your personal loans easily by making your payments online.

Contribute to a TFSA or RRSP

Contribute to your TFSA or RRSP in just a few clicks.

Application – Personal loan, personal line of credit, RRSP loan, All-In-One

Apply for a personal loan, personal line of credit or RRSP loan online.

Brokerage account opening

Open a direct brokerage account directly from your online bank.

Change to investor profile

Change your investor profile directly from your online bank.

Purchase, sale and exchange of mutual funds

Buy, sell and exchange mutual funds directly from your online bank.

Features to come

Mortgage loans – Option of choosing another NBC account for a prepayment

Make a payment before the end date of your loan term from a National Bank account other than the one you usually use.

New periodic purchases (Systematic savings)

Set up regular transfers to your funds.

National bank app

Features to come

View cheques issued

View images of cheques deposited in your online bank account. Only accounts with chequing privileges offer this feature (Chequing, All-In-One, Strategist/Natcan Strategist, US $ Progress, Personal Line of Credit, CDN $ Progress*, Multi-Transaction* and Crescendo accounts).

*These accounts are no longer available but remain active for existing holders.


Currency order (mobile only)

Order foreign currency directly from your app. 

Little details that matter

Legal notes

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® INTERAC, INTERAC e-Transfer is a registered trademark of Interac Inc. Used under license.

TM iPad Pro is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Apple Inc. is not a sponsor or participant of National Bank Mobile Banking Solutions.

TM Android is a trademark of Google Inc. The use of this trademark is subject to Google’s authorization policy.


Find the answer in the My online bank FAQ.

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