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Ask our virtual assistant

Need help using our online services? Ask our virtual assistant! Available 24/7 to help you send a transfer, pay a bill and much more.1

Sign in to your online bank:

  • Click the speech bubble in the bottom-right corner of your screen

  • Write your question in the window that opens, or click one of the suggested topics

  • Follow the virtual assistant's instructions

The virtual assistant is not available on Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. Use another browser, such as Firefox or Google Chrome.



Virtual assistant functionality
Virtual assistant functionality
Virtual assistant functionality
Ordinateur verrouillé
Ordinateur verrouillé
Ordinateur verrouillé

Two-factor authentication

Our two-step authentication also allows us to notify you by text or email when you sign in to your online bank. This is an added layer of security offered by National Bank. 

Have you received a text or email from National Bank prompting you to click a link? Stay vigilant and click here to learn what to do.

Canada Revenue Agency direct deposit

Receive emergency benefits and other Canada Revenue Agency deposits faster by signing up for direct deposit from your online bank or National Bank app: 

  • Click Products and services in the left menu,
    then click Direct deposit - CRA 
  • Select the account into which you want your funds deposited 
  • And follow the steps! 

Sign up

Screenshot of a fictional client centre
Screenshot of a fictional client centre
Screenshot of a fictional client centre
Get a specimen

Get a specimen cheque

Sign in to your online bank:

  • Click Overview in the left menu
  • Select the account for which you want to obtain a specimen cheque
  • Select the Options tab
  • Click Download a cheque specimen (under the image of the cheque)  

Get a specimen

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Little details that matter

1. Our virtual assistant may not always be able to answer your questions. If needed, call Customer Service at 1-888-483-5628 (toll-free) or 514-394-5555. Read the terms of use of our virtual assistant before starting a conversation. 

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