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How do I open an account if I’m new to Canada?

Welcome to Canada! You can apply to open an account from your home country within 90 days of arriving here, or up to five years after your arrival.


  1. Discover our offer for newcomers.
  2. Click on Open an account online.
  3. Follow the instructions.


You’ll first receive an email confirming that we received your request. You’ll receive another email within a few days confirming that the account has been opened.

Your local branch will contact you before you arrive in Canada to schedule an appointment to activate the account.



You’ll have to activate your account within 90 days of opening it online. In the meantime, you’ll only be able to make a single transfer to the account. All other transactions will be permitted after the account activation.


Already in Canada?

Take advantage of our offer for newcomers up to 5 years after your arrival.


Need a joint account?

You’ll only be able to open a personal account online, but you can request to open a joint account when you activate your account at your branch.

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