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How do I dispute a credit card transaction?

If you notice a transaction on your account that is incorrect, you may want to verify it carefully before disputing it. 

Review the details of this transaction in your online bank. 

Here’s how: 

  • Sign in to your online bank
  • Select the account used for the transaction you want to see.  
  • Select the transaction to display its details. You will find information such as the name of the merchant, transaction amount, account name used, account balance after the transaction, category, comments you wrote, the name of the person who made the transaction (for an account with co-holders), and more. 

Contact your merchant 

Mistakes happen. If you notice a mistake such as a purchase being charged to your card twice, contact the merchant directly to request a refund or assistance.  

Here are the main reasons why you can dispute a transaction: 

  • You did not receive the product you ordered. 
  • Your cancelled subscription continues to be billed. 
  • The product you received is defective or does not match the description at the time of purchase. 
  • Your purchase was double billed. 
  • You cancelled your purchase but did not receive your refund. 

To be able to resolve the dispute, you must first take the necessary steps with your merchant before contacting us. Then, if you have not been able to arrive at a solution with your merchant, you can gather your proof of purchase and call us at 1-888-622-2783 to dispute the transaction on your credit card. One of our advisors will be able to help you.  

If you still believe that the transaction is a mistake, you can dispute it.  


Note that if the status of the transaction you wish to dispute is Pending, it means the transaction has not yet been billed to your credit card account, even if it is already included in your balance. You must wait for the transaction to be charged to your account before disputing it.   

To check the status of your transaction from your web browser:   

  • Sign in to your online bank.  
  • Click Balance from the left menu.  
  • Select the credit card account you wish to verify.  
  • In the Date column, you will find the date on which the transaction was charged to your account, or Pending, which means that the transaction has not yet been processed.    

From the National Bank app:  

  • Sign in to the National Bank app.  
  • Select the credit card account you want to verify.  
  • If you have transactions that have yet to be processed, the Pending status appears to the right, underneath the transaction amount. This status disappears when the transaction is charged to your account.   

If you have not received a refund from the merchant, submit your dispute request as soon as possible. The dispute may be refused if it is submitted too late. If your request for a refund is accepted, it will take approximately 10 to 15 days to be processed. 

Want to know more? 

Read our article on disputed transactions, also known as chargebacks.

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