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NATgo experience temporarily put on hold 

You’ll be redirected to your online bank until summer 2021 

Already have a NATgo account? Sign in to your online bank

Why has the NATgo experience become unavailable?

We have temporarily put the NATgo experience on hold so that we can integrate it into our new investment platform. The NATgo experience will be unavailable until summer 2021, after which time it will be relaunched with all its features.   

During this period, you still have access to all your NATgo investments. Simply sign in to your online bank and look under Overview > My Investments > National Bank Investments to see your investments in detail, view your new investment account numbers, carry out transactions, program periodic purchases and view your transaction history and statements.  

Check out our FAQ for more details. 


Will the NATgo experience be available again after the standby period?

Absolutely. It will be back in full force with all its features in the summer of 2021

When has the NATgo experience become unavailable?

As of April, which is when our new investment platform was being rolled out, until the summer of 2021.

Has the NATgo experience being on hold affected the value of my investments? 

No. Your investments, their value, and your systematic savings have not been affected by this. Also, you are still able to access them via Your online bank at Overview > My Investments > National Bank Investments

How can I trade or track my investments if I no longer have access to the NATgo experience? 

There are a number of ways:

  Via Your online bank
With your in-branch advisor Through our Customer Service Department
Details of your investments Under Overview>
 My investments>
National Bank Investmentss
Available Available
Transactions (e.g. purchase and sale)
Periodic purchase program
Viewing your statements and your transaction history
Updating your investor profile
Accessible in early 2021
Adding an external bank account
Not accessible 
Transferring an investment account
Account opening documents
Viewing your investment performance charts
Not accessible
Not accessible
Tracking your NATgo financial goals
Opening a new NATgo account


Watch the tutorials or use the virtual assistant to help you with your transactions on Your online bank. 

How do I open a new investment account?

By contacting your advisor or our Customer Service at 1-877-866-0408 or 514-866-0408.

Has my NATgo account number changed? 

Yes. As announced in the letter Your investment accounts held at National Bank Investments (NBI), which was sent to you this fall, numbers for all types of NBI accounts were changed when the new investment platform was rolled out. 

I have some NBI à la carte funds. Can I make trades with these funds independently on My online bank? 

If you already have NBI à la carte funds, yes. If you want to invest in NBI à la carte funds and manage your investments independently, contact your advisor or our Customer Service. 

I’m still not happy with NATgo being put on hold. Who can I contact? 

Please contact your advisor or our Customer Service. They can help you reach your goals. 

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