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Travel notification

Prevent your cards from being blocked while travelling. 

What’s a travel notification?

A travel notification informs us of your travels abroad. It ensures you can use your debit or credit cards during your trip without worry of them being blocked.

Add a travel notification by letting us know: 

  • The cards you intend to use while travelling 
  • The dates you expect to be out of the country 
  • The countries you plan to visit 

Set up travel notifications

From your online bank:

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Click Products and services in the left menu.

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Click Travel.

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Under Travel notifications, click Add and follow the instructions. 

From your National Bank app:

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Select Banking services in the left menu.

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Click Travel notification.

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Click Add a trip and follow the instructions.

Let us know when you travel

There are different ways to reach us while travelling.

By email: 

By phone: 

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Practical tip

Change your purchase and withdrawal limits for your debit card from your online bank: 

  • From My Profile, select the Preferences tab
  • Click Limits on my Client Card
  • Determine the amounts for withdrawals and purchases in Canada and internationally.

Simple and effective tools to use while travelling

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For assistance with a glitch while travelling, check out the Securizone® 2.0 plan.

More tips for travellers

Ready to set up a travel notification?

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