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How do I stop an upcoming pre-authorized debit?

Here’s how you can stop a single or series of upcoming pre-authorized debits from your web browser:

  1. Sign in to your online bank.
  2. Click on Products and services in the left menu.
  3. Under Edit or delete an upcoming transaction, select Start.
  4. Select Stop a pre-authorized debit.
  5. Follow the instructions.


This feature isn’t available on the National Bank app.


Good to know

  • You’ll be charged between $16 to $30 for this transaction. Make sure you have at least this amount in your account, otherwise we won’t be able to complete your request.
  • Does your cheque have to be cashed that same day? Call us immediately at 1-888-835-6281.
  • Cancelling a payment doesn’t end your contract with a provider. Contact your provider if you need to terminate your agreement.
  • You can’t stop a withdrawal from National Bank or its subsidiaries. Call us at 1-888-835-6281 to discuss your options.  


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